Netizen Put Trust on TNI

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Thursday, October 05 2017 - 18:00 IWST

Presiden Jokowi pada perayaan HUT ke-72 TNI, Kamis (5/10)
Presiden Jokowi pada perayaan HUT ke-72 TNI, Kamis (5/10) - Jakarta- Indonesia Indicator (I2) research result stated that the performance and performance of Indonesian National Army (TNI) always get the spotlight of netizens, even netizens put their trust and hope to TNI.

"The topic of conversation about the TNI in the timeline is one of the issues that is always 'in' in the eyes of netizens, while the TNI commander figure gives a big role to the movement of issues and perceptions of netizens," said Director of Communications Indonesia Indicator (I2) Rustika Herlambang to the media Jakarta, Thursday (5/10/2017)

I2 which is a company in the field of media intelligence, data analysis, and strategic review using AI (Artificial Intelligence) software noted, during October 3, 2016-3, 2017, the conversation about TNI in social media Twitter reached 2.201.103, which was presented from 254,286 account.

In a research entitled "TNI in the Netizen response", I2 found the fact that all efforts made by the TNI gained considerable trust from netizens.

"The 'Trust' emotion or belief in dominating the conversation about the TNI, followed by emotions: Anticipation 'over the past year, these two emotions reach 63 percent compared to other emotions," Rustika said.

This shows that and netizen's hopes for the TNI are enormous. Despite various polemical issues, the TNI continues to gain public trust and support. On the other hand, netizens also appreciate TNI proximity to natural disasters, such as floods, landslides, droughts, and others.

Optimism in the TNI is also shown through positive and neutral sentiment of 70.3 percent. These sentiments are supported by conversations that have encouragement and pride in the TNI, for example with Bravo, Jaya, Great, and TNI phrases, as well as support for the commander of Islamic Defense.

Even in the case of Corruption helicopter Augusta Westland 101 (AW101) which should be a red light for the TNI was greeted positively netizen. Netizens, he said, consider the openness of the TNI and the Commander's firm statement to enforce the law if its members err.

In terms of negative sentiment, according to Rustika, netizens also highlighted the various steps of the TNI that are considered open space debate in the public. Among others, related to the statement of the TNI Commander about the issue of illegal weapons, the controversy of the film G30S / PKI, corruption case, commander is considered politics, and neutrality commander.

Politics and TNI The turmoil of the political situation in Indonesia, he said, influenced the netizen's conversation with the TNI. In the 10 most phrases called TNI are Communism, Ulama, People, Demonstration, Weapon, Makar, Pilkada, Disaster, Australia, and Corruption.

Seven phrases are related to the political temperature in the country. In this case, said Rustika, many netizens greeted the TNI to always maintain its neutrality and alignment with the people; even more specifically they call it 'people' and 'ulama'.

"They rely on their hope, appreciate, express their support, enthusiasm and trust in the TNI in certain cases, especially in political turmoil and regional elections, and call on the TNI to maintain its neutrality and its alignment with the people and ulama," he said.

Rustika explained that the TNI's proximity and alignment to the community in sensitive cases is one of the most highlighted things of netizens. The biggest issue of the biggest conversation in the last year is concerns about the emergence of communism in Indonesia.

Although the divergent views of communism are fierce enough on twitter, Rustika says, in the line of time it seems that netizen's support for the call to nobar. According to him, the communist conversation discussed during September has made the peak of the biggest conversation about the TNI in the past year.

The TNI issue remains a magnet for male netizens and young people. A total of 148,542 accounts (67.5 percent) of the conversations were conducted by male netizens, while women accounted for 71,587 (32.5 percent).

Those who respond most TNI are netizens of Z generation and generation Y or known as the millennium. A total of 35.3 percent came from netizen conversations aged 18-25 years (67771 accounts), and those with a 26 to 35 year age range of 34.6 percent (66,764 accounts). Netizens aged over 35 years are estimated to number 44,314 accounts or by 23 percent, the rest are those under the age of 18 years. (Ant)

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