2018, Government Ready to Budget Rp 290 Billion Infrastructure Development Batam

By : Ahmad Fadli And Aldi Firhand. A | Thursday, December 14 2017 - 09:24 IWST

Illustration of Batam Industrial Estate (Foto Ist)
Illustration of Batam Industrial Estate (Foto Ist)

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta - Batam City Government continues to prioritize the development of regional infrastructure, this is reflected in the budget in 2018. In the Budget Memorandum of APBD 2018, mentioned amount of infrastructure budget disbursed Pemko Batam reached Rp290 billion.

The budget consists of construction and upgrading of Rp 207.4 billion bridges, Rp39.1 billion in increased privacy, flood control of Rp32.6 billion and hinterland infrastructure of Rp10.5 billion.

This infrastructure development budget becomes an activity in Batam Bina Marga Water Resources Office, said Chairman of Commission III of Batam City Parliament, Nyanyang Haris Pratamura.

For the construction and upgrading of roads, the municipal government divides several areas: Region 1 includes Bengkong and Batuampar allocated Rp8.9 billion. Region 2 includes Batam City Rp15, 3 billion, and Region 3 includes Lubukbaja with a budget of Rp108 billion.

As for the kebinamargaan program  warning consists of the construction of street lighting public lighting of Rp4, 8 billion, the construction of highmast lamp Rp1, 2 billion and the construction of ornamental lights of Rp1, 9 billion.

There is another heavy equipment operational costs of the Office of Bina Marga Water Resources of Rp 8.8 billion and regular maintenance of heavy equipment Rp 1 billion.

For infrastructure development program and hinterland infrastructure itself consists of road improvement of Rp3.5 billion, construction of concrete bridge hinterland area Rp5, 1 billion, construction of public road lighting Rp1, 12 billion and maintenance of street lighting public lighting in hinterland Rp766 million.

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