Sri Sultan Expects No Conflict of Angkasa Pura - Destroyer of Airport Rejector

By : Herry Barus And Aldi Firhand. A | Thursday, January 11 2018 - 21:37 IWST

Sri Sultan HB X Gubernur Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Foto Ist)
Sri Sultan HB X Gubernur Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Foto Ist) - Gunung Kidul - Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region Sri Sultan HB X expects no conflict between PT Angkasa Pura I and community that reject New Yogyakarta International Airport project in Kulon Progo Regency.

"Now it's back to Angkasa Pura, I just facilitate for land clearing and so on." Yes its only approaching, "said Sultan at Gunung Kidul, Wednesday (10/1/2017)

He said the area would be beneficial if Angkasa Pura was purchased. "If he still survives the construction keeps on going noisy if there is plane fly nearby, there is pollution or not, later if you can not bear it will sell to whom?," he said.

Sultan told of the experience of the construction of fly over Jombor, Sleman, at that time some residents of landowners under the bridge from the west to Sleman, from north Sleman towards the east did not want to sell the land, with the offered price of Rp4, 5 million per meter. They ask for Rp10 million per meter.

"Finally April-May there are some of them asking for the budget we offer, but there is no budget, they can not stand because of pollution," he said.

He claimed to worry if survive it will not be sold. So it will be disadvantageous in itself. "Likewise I fear that those who survive are so zero he wants to sell to whom, no one wants to buy, and the only one to Angkasa Pura, yet the price is good," he said.

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