Uplifting Indonesias Economy With Mobile Learning Technology

By : Aldi Firhand Alqudri | Wednesday, January 31 2018 - 19:50 IWST

Core Vocab
Core Vocab

INDUSTRY.co.id - In a recent global English Language Proficiently Index, Indonesia received a ranking of 39, falling seven places from 2016’s Index. Indonesia received a score that was below the regional average and was placed in the Low Proficiency Band category. Since English is the lingua franca of international trade, and international trade is becoming increasingly important to national economies (accounting for over 30% of World GDP), improving Indonesia’s low English Language Proficiency could help improve its sluggish growth and help boost its consistent lower than average ranking in the World Bank “Global Ease of Doing Business Index”.

One effective solution which Indonesian companies can use to improve the English language proficiency of its employees is mobile learning technology. It is significantly cheaper as compared to traditional classroom based training programs as there is no need to pay for travel costs, a trainer, venue, training equipment and paper, mobile learning allows employees to study at the time and place of their preference without disrupting their daily routine. In addition to language learning, mobile learning solutions are able to train employees in vocational skills, such as housekeeping, F&B and Front Office duties in hotels, and even customer relations and upselling for retail staff. The ability to include gamification makes lessons more interesting and increase retention, improving course completion.

With Indonesia being the world's fastest growing country for internet use, mobile learning technology like the popular Qooco Upsell application could be an easy to implement solution to helping improve Indonesians English language proficiency

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