Foreign Investment in East Kalimantan Recorded Reach Rp2, 6 Trillion

By : Herry Barus And Aldi Firhand. A | Thursday, May 24 2018 - 22:45 IWST

Logistic Ilustration
Logistic Ilustration - Samarinda- The realization of foreign investment into East Kalimantan Province until the first quarter of 2018 amounted to 194.37 million US dollars, or about Rp2, 6 trillion with the note of the average dollar exchange rate worth Rp13.500.

"The PMA project is spread in all districts / cities or in other words 10 districts / cities in East Kalimantan there are foreign investors who come in," said Head of Deed Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) East Kalimantan Diddy Rusdiansyah in Samarinda, Wednesday / 5/2018)

He explained that of the 10 regions receiving foreign investment, East Kutai Regency contributed the most significant to East Kalimantan with 148.92 million dollars or 76.62 percent of the total realized FDI.

The realization of investment in Kutai Timur consists of 14 projects with a workforce of 1,506 people, consisting of 1,502 local (Indonesian) and four foreign workers (TKA).

"The largest absorption of labor occurred in Kutai Kartanegara Regency which reached 1722 local workers, while for the most absorbing foreign workers is in Balikpapan with five people," said Diddy.

He continued, the second position as the absorber of foreign investment is the city of Balikpapan worth 23.36 million US dollars with 11 packages of projects. The project involved as many as 502 local workers and five foreign workers.

The third sequence is the foreign investment that entered the city of Samarinda with a value of 6.54 million US dollars to work on seven project packages, involving as many as 197 people who semunya are local workers.

Next West Kutai Regency there are seven PMA projects with an investment value reaching 6.2 million dollars, while local workers are involved as many as 11 people.

"The region that receives the least foreign investment in the first quarter of this year is Paser Regency which only has 6.4 thousand dollars with the project done there are five packages," said Diddy.

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