Welcoming the 2018 Asian Games, Holcim Presents Sustainable Solutions in Jakarta

By : Ridwan And Aldi Firhand. A | Friday, August 10 2018 - 23:11 IWST


INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta, Ahead of the 2018 Asian Games, the Government continues to prepare supporting facilities and infrastructure so that it can hold the biggest sports party in Asia smoothly.

In the Capital City, DKI Jakarta, in addition to the Bung Karno sports complex, the Government also paid special attention to infrastructure arrangements such as pedestrian lanes and land transportation modes, Transjakarta.

Starting from the collaboration that has been established since 2014, Holcim Indonesia was appointed by the Government through the DKI Jakarta Bina Marga Office to participate in making this event a success with several innovation products such as SpeedCrete, a road repair solution within 8 hours at night , ThruCrete, a porous concrete pavement solution that is able to absorb water directly into the soil, and DekoCrete, an innovation in concrete products that can provide beauty in accordance with their needs on the pedestrian path.

Each of these products is applied to the Transjakarta (SpeedCrete) lane and several pedestrian lanes in Jakarta (ThruCrete & DekoCrete).

As a city that is the center of business and government, the presence of adequate supporting facilities will provide many positive benefits for the community to be active in Jakarta especially during the 2018 Asian Games.

In order to prepare for the Asian Games, Holcim together with the DKI Jakarta Bina Marga Office participated in infrastructure improvements that included the Pedestrian Line on Jl. Sisingamangaraja-Patung Pemuda, Jl. The Youth Gate starts from the front of the TVRI building until Jl. Palmerah, as well as the Sisingamangaraja-MH Thamrin Transjakarta Line.

"The innovation that we provide in every product we have is an added value solution that benefits the community in the long term. This is in line with our commitment to building a better future, "said Marcelo Castro, Holcim Indonesia's Aggregate and Construction Materials Director in Jakarta (08/09/2018).

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government expects the renovation and construction process to be completed according to the time specified.

"The time to renovate the preparation of the Asian Games that we are doing is very short and we must pay attention to all aspects including health and safety so that this project can be carried out smoothly and on time without any accidents," Marcelo added.

Currently ThruCrete & DekoCrete products have also been applied on pedestrian paths in Jakarta such as Jl. Barito, Jl. Melawai, Blok M, and the Circle of Istiqlal Mosque.

Previously, Holcim Indonesia also participated in the revitalization of the Bung Karno Gelora area by applying porous concrete (ThruCrete) which can absorb water directly into the soil so as not to cause a puddle on the surface and DekoCrete products that are used as decorations that can provide beauty according to their needs.

"We are grateful to be involved in the rejuvenation of the largest sports complex in Indonesia which has historical value for the entire community," Marcelo continued.

He also said that the company was ready to assist the Government in building a better nation's infrastructure.

"We hope to continue to assist the Government in overcoming the problems in the world of construction and maintaining the nation's culture through the quality and environmentally friendly products we have," Marcelo concluded.

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