Offer Business Solutions, Telkomsel Holds the Complete Enterprise Mobility Solution for Corporations

By : Hariyanto And Aldi Firhand | Monday, August 13 2018 - 20:06 IWST

Telkomsel tawarkan Solusi Bisnis Lebih Efisiendan Efektifbagi Perusahaan di Era Digital
Telkomsel tawarkan Solusi Bisnis Lebih Efisiendan Efektifbagi Perusahaan di Era Digital - Jakarta - In an effort to help and support companies in improving business performance and digital transformation, Telkomsel held Telkomsel myBusiness Exhibition with the theme "Mobility Solution for Your Digital Transformation".

The exhibition activities which featured a variety of integrated digital solutions for business needs were held in four cities, namely Telkom Landmark Tower, Jakarta (9 August 2018), Balikpapan (30 August 2018), Batam (6 September 2018) and Surabaya (20 September 2018).

The enterprise mobility solution is a very important service to support the process of digitizing a company in order to increase overall productivity and efficiency of the company.

This solution will help employee mobility and customer engagement, among others, to increase access to information, improve business process efficiency, increase employee productivity, reduce operating costs, increase customer experience, and others.

Telkomsel's Vice President of Corporate Account Management Primadi K. Putra said Telkomsel myBusiness Exhibition was an annual event that we held to bring mobility experience to the corporate segment. Through this exhibition, it strives to provide the most complete solution that suits the needs of business transformation of each company in the digital era.

"We hope that these solutions can open up new opportunities in customer business development, including in terms of digital transformation, so that in the end it will increase the company's business productivity." Primadi said in Jakarta, Monday (08/13/2018).

Primadi added that by presenting Telkomsel myBusiness in the end it was hoped that it would be able to present as a solution that was in line with the company's needs in carrying out digital transformation.

In Telkomsel's Business Exhibition, Telkomsel opened several booths to display three solution areas based on customer needs, namely Mobility, Cloud and Apps, and Communication.

In the Mobility area, the booths included Mobile Security, Office 365, Emergency Mass Notification Services, Enterprise Secure Messaging and Touch To Talk services. The service allows companies to improve business performance by keeping company employees connected anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Area Cloud and Apps provides a Field Force Management service booth, Digital Smart City and Smart Dashboard. This service supports companies to run their business and compete more effectively in the market by bundling customized mobile apps according to customer needs, both cloud and on premise.

Whereas in the Communication area there are booths of Advanced Communication solutions, Unified Communication, Enterprise Call Solution, Enterprise Smart Connection, TeamPLAN and Device Bundling which enable companies to efficiently operate both internal and external communications.

In addition to the solutions displayed at this exhibition, Telkomsel also provides Internet of Things solutions in the form of IoT Control Centers, IoT Managed Service Connectivity, FleetSight and TOMS (Telkomsel Ordering Management Solutions), Digital Advertising solutions, Telkomsel MyAds and Digital Payment (TCASH) . All of these solutions are specifically present to complement the corporate segment solution portfolio.

At present Telkomsel myBusiness has been trusted by more than two million corporate customers throughout Indonesia from various industrial fields, such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Media, Telco, Property, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Logistics, Transportation, Trading, Retail, Manufacturing, Agribusiness , Maritime, Utilities, Energy and Mining.

The convenience of corporate customers in using a variety of Telkomsel myBusiness digital solutions is supported by Telkomsel's quality network reliability with more than 176,000 base transceiver stations (BTS) throughout Indonesia, including more than 125,000 4G and 3G broadband BTS.

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