Check Point Software Launches Mind to Make Cybersecurity Knowledge and Skills Accessible to All

By : Nata Kesuma | Thursday, November 11 2021 - 13:05 IWST

 Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd.
 Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. - SINGAPORE – November 10th, 2021 -- Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, is launching today Check Point Mind, a knowledge training portal, in collaboration with over 200 of the world’s most recognised training partners.

Users can sign up with the portal or free, and choose from a wide range of courses and programs available from over 200 partners. Payment can be made through credit card or Check Point Learning Credits. 

In August 2021, US president Joe Biden met with leading technology firms to discuss cybersecurity issues, including the need to hire and train more cybersecurity professionals. The US alone has a shortfall of almost 465,000 cybersecurity professionals, and globally, this number is estimated to be about 2.72 million. 

“With the continued increase in cyber-attacks and more sophisticated cyber threats, Check Point Software, as an enabler of cybersecurity, is committed to making cybersecurity education and knowledge accessible,” said Liat Doron, Vice President, Learning and Training, Check Point Software Technologies.

“Through Check Point Mind, we aim to equip anyone from students to c-level executives with cybersecurity knowledge and skills to help meet the global demand for more cybersecurity professionals.”  

Some of the programs which can be found on the Check Point Mind Portal include: 

CISO Academy: a global education program for C-Level executives to help master all types of cybersecurity practices and maximise security while learning to balance the handling of tactical issues with strategic leadership responsibilities.

HackingPoint: a global education program for security experts to help master all types of Pen Testing techniques and cybersecurity practices. Students completing HackingPoint courses will understand how to better protect the corporate network sand resources.

SecureAcademy: cybersecurity education in partnership with the world’s leading higher learning institutions.

CyberPark: a collection of partnerships and gamified challenges that enable users to learn about security challenges and  train using Check Point solutions in an interactive and fun way. 

Partner Quotes 


“Check Point's Mind training portal launch comes at a time where cybersecurity training is more important than ever. With Check Point as a Premium partner, we’re excited to leverage their capabilities to equip both the current and next generation of CISOs and cyber-security specialists with the tools needed to certify their knowledge and skills and enhance their careers in the industry,” said Chris DeMale, Director of Channel Business Development for ISACA.


“The launch of the Check Point Mind training portal is another positive step that will support practitioners and the industry at large in addressing the global cybersecurity skills gap. By providing greater choice in access to education and professional development opportunities, we can help and encourage more people to pursue cybersecurity careers,” said Greg Clawson, EVP Global Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience at (ISC)². “The ongoing partnership between (ISC)2 and Check Point Software, further bolstered by the ability to access our courses through the Check Point Mind platform, is a powerful combination.” 


“The NYU Tandon School of Engineering is proud to partner with Check Point Software on our shared goal of educating today and tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce,” said Nasir Memon, Vice Dean for Academics & Student Affairs, Head of Tandon Online, and a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at NYU Tandon.

“In addition to a rigorous and technical engineering foundation, we place a strong emphasis on practical applied learning to ensure the workforce readiness of our cybersecurity masters students. The Check Point badge provides hands-on skills in Network Security, Cloud Security, Endpoint & Mobile Security and is a key component of NYU Cyber Fellows, our elite online Cybersecurity Master’s Degree.”

Arrow Education Services | Arrow Education 

“Check Point Software’s Mind training portal is answering the training needs of organisations who need maximum protection against ever increasing and sophisticated cyber-attacks. Training is often the missing link between deploying an IT solution and truly realising the value of the investment. Arrow Education Services - No.1 in the World for Check Point training (2021) - is proud to be able to support Check Point in bringing the right skills to the market,” said Jacques Assant, Education Business Director ECS EMEA


"We’re thrilled to see Check Point Software’s creation of the Mind platform for anyone and everyone interested in gaining new cybersecurity skills and certifications,” said Wesley Samuel, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Cybrary.

“We greatly respect our partners that also place such a big emphasis on making cybersecurity training more accessible in order to ultimately tackle the growing cybersecurity skills gap that continues to persist. As a one-stop portal for learners, this collaboration around Check Point Mind is specifically dedicated to addressing this initiative.” 


“We are proud to have been selected by Check Point Software, a cybersecurity industry leader, to be part of Check Point Cyber Range, a program found on the Check Point Mind portal. We believe that continuous training and assessment with innovative and accessible tools increases organisations’ cyber resilience. With the mission to reduce the global shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals, cympire built the most advanced cloud native cyber training and assessment platform that is a highly customisable, gamified Cyber simulator with a comprehensive content catalog. Using our platform, cybersecurity professionals can practice confronting real cyber-attacks.” Said Yaniv Shachar, CEO, Cympire 


“edX is proud to be a part of Check Point Software’s Mind training portal, which comes at a time when cybersecurity skills are more relevant and needed than ever,” said Johannes Heinlein, Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at edX.

“As an edX partner, Check Point Software has made an incredible impact sharing their expertise with the edX learner community, and we are excited to expand that impact to reach even more people interested in a career in cybersecurity.”


"Check Point Software's Mind training portal launch comes at a time where cybersecurity training is more important than ever. Infosec is proud to partner with Check Point Software to provide award-winning security awareness training to individuals worldwide," said Jack Koziol, CEO and founder of Infosec.

Red Education

“Red Education is proud to support Check Point Software’s commitment to making cybersecurity education accessible to all,” said Mike Baird, Managing Director, Red Education.

“Red Education believes that a one-time investment in learning - whether it’s time, money or both, has the potential to reap a lifetime of accumulative returns. Through our partnership with Check Point, we hope to inspire anyone who is interested in a career in cybersecurity to never stop learning.”

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