Indonesia Remains Vigilant of Global Situation as G20 Summit Nears

By : Nata Kesuma | Wednesday, October 05 2022 - 09:10 IWST

President Jokowi leads a meeting on G20 Summit preparation at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Monday (10/03). (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Agung)
President Jokowi leads a meeting on G20 Summit preparation at Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Monday (10/03). (Photo by: PR of Cabinet Secretariat/Agung) - As the G20 Summit in November draws near, Indonesia Presidency continues to monitor the development of global situation, including geopolitical situation.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto, who also acts as Chair of the Sherpa Track of Indonesia G20 Presidency. made the statement in his press statement on Monday (10/03) after attending a meeting led by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo at Merdeka Palace.

“We must continue to monitor it because the situation will continue to change and of course we must stay vigilant of the ever changing, highly dynamic situation so we can mitigate it for the G20,” he said.

Regarding the substantial preparation of the Summit, Airlangga pointed out that the G20 has come to the last stage of working group and engagement group meetings.

“We certainly still have time for sherpa meetings related to economy, health, and finance. It was conveyed to the President and fundamentally agreement on the format and form of final report will still be discussed in four sous sherpa cycles,” Airlangga said, adding that delegations are also finalizing a consensus draft with G20 leaders that will be reflected on the Leaders’ Declaration.

“Several countries, especially developed countries, are still pushing for issues related to Ukraine be a joint agreement, while we want to include it in the Leaders’ Declaration. So, technically and in terms of format, we must have further discussions,” he said.

Airlangga also conveyed President Jokowi’s plan to visit Bali to ensure the preparedness of the G20 Summit.

“The President himself will visit Bali to check the detailed preparedness of the agenda. As we are aware, the schedule of the G20 is very close to that of ASEAN and APEC so the schedule in November will be very tight,” he remarked. (DND/UN) (DH/EP)

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