Serving Many Global Corporate Clients, SMKL Continues to Improve ESG Aspects

By : Nata Kesuma | Saturday, March 18 2023 - 10:53 IWST

PT Satyamitra Kemas Lestari Tbk (SMKL)
PT Satyamitra Kemas Lestari Tbk (SMKL) - Jakarta, March 17th, 2023 – PT Satyamitra Kemas Lestari Tbk (SMKL) plans to replace all coal-fired boilers with gas-fired boilers, which is expected to be implemented in August this year.

The company, which is engaged in packaging made from cardboard or brown paper, continues to improve the application of the principles of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in its efforts to ensure a sustainable business with a sustainable environmental support.

"It is our commitment to consistently apply the principles of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Because we are aware that without a sustainable social and environmental support, our business will not be sustainable either. Therefore, the creation of a sustainable social and natural environment is also part of our responsibility as businessman," said SMKL Marketing Director, Herryanto Setiono Hidayat.

In addition, the Company is also in the process of installing solar panels as an alternative power generator to serve daily needs and part of the production process. If the installation of this solar power plant has been carried out, the Company hopes that it will be able to save electricity expenses between 5 – 8%.

The Company's adaptation to international standard ESG aspects has received recognition, one of which is the certification of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainable business development efforts. FSC certification is given to companies that have confirmed that their products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Thanks to the progressive steps in consistently applying of these ESG aspects, SMKL has succeeded in obtaining packaging manufacturing contracts from several well- known global brands.

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