President Jokowi Meets the U-20 National Team at the GBK Stadium

By : M. Shaqeel | Monday, April 03 2023 - 14:30 IWST

President Jokowi accompanied by PSSI Chairman Erick Thohir met with the U-20 Indonesian National Team players, Saturday (01/04/2023), at the GBK Stadium, Jakarta. (Photo: Public Relations of Setkab/Rahmat)
President Jokowi accompanied by PSSI Chairman Erick Thohir met with the U-20 Indonesian National Team players, Saturday (01/04/2023), at the GBK Stadium, Jakarta. (Photo: Public Relations of Setkab/Rahmat) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) accompanied by the General Chair of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) Erick Thohir met with the U-20 Indonesian National Team (Timnas) players, Saturday (01/04/2023), at the Bung Karno Stadium (GBK) , Jakarta.

The president, who was seen wearing a red and white sports jacket, arrived at the GBK Stadium around 16.35 WIB. Seen accompanying PSSI Ketum President Erick Thohir, PSSI Deputy General Chair I Zainudin Amali, and National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

The Head of State then got down from the royal box and entered the GBK football field arena. The president appeared to be talking to the national team coach Shin Tae Yong first. Then the U-20 national team players also joined and talked with President Joko Widodo.

After talking and taking pictures with the U-20 national team, the President also met and gave directions to the U-22 national team players who were training on the same field.

In his press statement, President Jokowi said that his arrival at the GBK Stadium was to encourage the U-20 national team players who had failed to compete in the U-20 World Cup as Indonesia was removed from being the host of this prestigious event.

"Today's afternoon I was present at Gelora Bung Karno to give encouragement to the U-20 team so that they don't continue to get lost in disappointment and sadness," the President said after meeting with the U-20 National Team.

The President considered that the retainers of the U-20 National Team were still young and had the opportunity to compete in various future competitions.

“You can play in the SEA Games later, you can play in the Asian Games, you can still play in the AFF [Cup], you can still play in the 2024 Olympics, I think there is still a long way to go. So, I told them not to give up hope," he said.

The President also encouraged PSSI to build a strong and competitive football team.

"In the future we want to have a team that has been built from the start continuously, continuously, so that we can get a national team that is truly ready," he said.

Previously, President Jokowi had received a letter from the International Football Federation (FIFA) regarding the decision to cancel the 2023 U-20 Football World Cup in Indonesia. The letter was delivered by PSSI Ketum Erick Thohir in a meeting with the President at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Friday (01/04/2023).

In this regard, the President said that he had given two instructions to the Ketum PSSI. First, to prepare a road map for the transformation of Indonesian football to be immediately submitted to FIFA and second, to continue to communicate with FIFA so that Indonesia is not subject to sanctions.

"In these months, I hope that the General Chairperson of PSSI Mr. Erick Thohir will be able to fly again to FIFA, to Zurich, to convey what I said earlier," he concluded

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