Import of Indian Buffalo Meat Adversely Affects Local Farmers

By : Herry Barus And Aldi Firhand. A | Monday, January 22 2018 - 16:37 IWST

Illustration of Imported Meat
Illustration of Imported Meat - Jakarta - Central Board of Indonesian Cattle and Buffalo Farmers Association (PPSKI) asked the government, especially the Ministry of Agriculture to review the plan to import 100 thousand tons of buffalo meat from India in 2018.

Chairman of DPP PPSKI Teguh Boediyana in his written statement in Jakarta, Sunday (21/1/2018) stated his rejection because the policy of imported cheap buffalo meat is very contradictory with the target of beef self-sufficiency proclaimed will be achieved in 2024.

"The DPP PPSKI has strongly rejected the government's plan, it has been proven that the policy of importing buffalo meat last year for the people's farmers is more harm than good," Teguh said.

He explained the price of local beef is too expensive due to one of the government's failure to realize the Beef Self-Sufficiency Program in 2010 and continued the same program in 2014 which is also not achieved.

The implication is that 50 percent of the fulfillment of beef or equivalent of 250 thousand tons should be imported. Because it must be imported, the meat price is influenced by the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar and the international meat price.

If the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar is still in the range below Rp12.000, the price of meat is certainly below Rp80 thousand per kilogram.

Teguh assess the management of state budget funds amounting to more than Rp18 trillion since the era of Minister of Agriculture Anton Apriantono not effective to realize beef self-sufficiency program.

In addition, the policy of importing ruminant meat from countries or zones that have not been free of Mouth and Nail Disease is contrary to the Constitutional Court Decision.

"If the policy of importing buffalo meat by reason of cheap price, the policy should be applied also to other agricultural commodities such as rice, corn which is cheaper than domestic production," he said.

Therefore, DPP PPSKI appealed to the Government to review the plan of importation of buffalo meat that is considered highly distorsive on local cattle farms.

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