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Semen Indonesia Builds Clean Water Facilities

Thursday, February 15 2018 - 19:10 IWST

Semen Indonesia Builds Facilities for Clean Water For Three Villages in Rembang

PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk through its subsidiary PT Semen Gresik builds clean water facilities for people located in 3 villages around the Rembang plant ie Kajar, Timbrangan and Ngampel.…

Illustration of cement industry. (Merdeka / Dwi Narwoko)

Tuesday, February 06 2018 - 21:06 IWST

Throughout Year 2017, Total Sales of Cement Industry in Indonesia Reaches 69.2 Million Tons

Indonesian Cement Association (ASI) reported that the total sales of cement industry in Indonesia in 2017 reached 69.2 million tons. The figure is up 9.5 percent if compared to 2016 which only…


Wednesday, January 17 2018 - 22:00 IWST

Mobilize the Spirit of Young Generation, Holcim Provide Automotive and Electrical Skills Training

Holcim Indonesia again shows commitment and concern in sustainable development for the community, especially young people coming from Kecamatan Klapanunggal through automotive and electrical…

Cemen Factory Ilustration

Thursday, January 11 2018 - 21:30 IWST

In a Protected Area, People Reject the Construction of Semen Aceh Plant

Member of Aceh Amdal Appraisal Commission M Oki Kurniawan refused to build a cement factory planned to be built by PT Tripa Semen Aceh in the district because its location is in karst geological…

Semen Gresik

Monday, December 25 2017 - 20:11 IWST

Improve Quality of Service, Semen Gresik Holds Great Driver Program

Semen Gresik continues to improve service quality through the strategy of deploying a cement expedition called the Sobat program or a great driver.

Indocement. (Dimas Ardian/Bloomberg)

Saturday, December 16 2017 - 11:45 IWST

Indocement Potentially Wins Nil Accident Award

The management of cement industry of "Tiga Roda" brand of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Plant 12 Tarjun, Kotabaru Regency, South Kalimantan is optimistic that this year will be awarded nil…

PT Semen Padang

Sunday, December 03 2017 - 12:14 IWST

Semen Padang Achieved 15 ICA Awards 2017

PT Semen Padang again won the award at the Indonesia Coorporate Social Responsibility Award (ICA) 2017 event with 15 categories.

Menperin, Airlangga Hartarto after meeting with SCG CEO, Roongote Rangsiyopash

Saturday, November 18 2017 - 16:27 IWST

Minister of Industry Increases SCG Investment worth USD 600 Million

Minister of Industry (Menperin) Airlangga Hartarto encouraged the realization of investment from Thailand's major manufacturer, Siam Cement Group (SCG), which plans to build a $ 600 million…

Baturaja Cement

Saturday, November 04 2017 - 20:42 IWST

Semen Baturaja Creates More Competitive Business Commitment

PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) is committed to pursue its business as a competitive supplier of national and competitive cement competitiveness.

Baturaja Cement

Saturday, November 04 2017 - 20:29 IWST

Semen Baturaja Grows Over Industrial Average

PT Semen Baturaja recorded a growth exceeding the national average of cement industry in the third quarter of 2017 ie 2.7 percent from 1.5 percent.

Baturaja Cement

Friday, November 03 2017 - 23:34 IWST

Semen Baturaja Receives Indonesia Corporate Governance Award 2017

PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk is awarded Indonesia Corporate Governance Award (IGCA) 2017 with nine other State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN).


Tuesday, October 31 2017 - 20:14 IWST

Excess Supply in Cement Industry Triggers Holcim Sales Decline

The condition of the national cement surplus that has not been resolved, has an impact on the performance of the cement industry in Indonesia, including Holcim Indonesia.


Friday, October 20 2017 - 22:18 IWST

Fulfill Consumer Demand, Holcim Cement Launches Cement With Micro Filler Particle

To meet consumer demand and needs Semen Holcim continues to make certain innovations and solutions by launching Semen Holcim with Micro Filler Particle.

PT Semen Indonesia Tbk (SMGR) (indonesianindustry)

Monday, October 16 2017 - 11:31 IWST

Land Problems, Cement Indonesia Stops Plant Construction in Aceh

PT Semen Indonesia Aceh suspended the plant construction project in Laweung, Pidie District, until the land issue is completed.

Cement Indonesia Officially Became UPZ BAZNAS

Sunday, October 15 2017 - 21:42 IWST

Cement Indonesia Officially Became UPZ BAZNAS

Group of giant state-owned companies under the umbrella of PT Semen Indonesia, officially became the Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) BAZNAS.

PT Semen Indonesia Tbk (SMGR) (indonesianindustry)

Sunday, October 08 2017 - 15:04 IWST

Semen Indonesia Ready to Complete the Acquisition of Bangladesh Cement Company

The process of negotiation of Semen Indonesia to acquire cement making and cement mills in Bangladesh enters the final phase. The Company expects the four-year corporate action to be completed…

Baturaja Cement

Tuesday, October 03 2017 - 22:41 IWST

Semester II PT Semen Baturaja Targets 550,000 Ton Production

PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk targets to increase production in the second half of 2017 by 550,000 tons from the new plant of Baturaja II which has been operated in May 2017.

Cemen Factory Ilustration

Friday, September 22 2017 - 13:18 IWST

Cement Factory PT Conch South Production Reaches 7,000 Ton / Day

PT Conch South Kalimantan's cement plant operating in Tabalong district, South Kalimantan, eventually increased its production to reach 7,000 tons per day following the operation of two cement…