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Batik Oey Soe Tjoen Exhibition

Thursday, May 17 2018 - 22:36 IWST

Enter the Japanese and European Markets, National Batik Export Value Soar Up to USD 58.46 Million

Indonesian batik industry is considered to have mastered the world market so as to be a driver for the national economy.

Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran, Presents the Variety of Indonesian Batik Stories

Thursday, May 17 2018 - 21:58 IWST

Smesco Indonesia Ready to Fight China Product

President Director of Marketing Service Cooperative and Small Medium Enterprises (LLP-KUKM) Emilia Suhaimi said Smesco Indonesia which is home to leading SMEs across Indonesia is ready to fight…

Ketua Umum Kadin Rosan Roeslani

Monday, May 14 2018 - 21:22 IWST

Chairman of Kadin: Surabaya Bomb Terror Concerned, But Not Interfering Investment

Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Rosan Perkasa Roeslani expressed deep concern and strongly condemned the acts of terror that occurred in three churches in…

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto

Monday, May 14 2018 - 20:10 IWST

Minister of Industry Called Bomb Terror Surabaya Can Delay Investment

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto condemned the bomb blast in several locations in Surabaya. Not only in Indonesia, acts of terrorism that occur in other countries such as America and…

Illustration Manufacturing Industry (Photo Dok

Monday, May 07 2018 - 22:09 IWST

BPS: Kaltimra Large-Medium Industries Grow Positive

The development of large and medium scale processing industries in East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan (Kaltimra) in quarter I-2018 both the y-on-y or quarterly (q-to-q) periods showed positive…

Illustration of Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf)

Sunday, May 06 2018 - 23:08 IWST

Bekraf Targets 17 Million Creative Economy To 2019

Creative Economy Agency targets to absorb the creative economy by 17 million up to 2019.

PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya (PT FSTJ) won three TOP BUMD Award 2018 award from Majalah Indonesia Business News, at Balai Kartini, South Jakarta, Thursday (3/5).

Friday, May 04 2018 - 21:12 IWST

Food Station Tjipinang Won Three Top BUMD Award 2018

PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya (PT FSTJ) won three TOP BUMD Award 2018 award from Majalah Indonesia Business News, at Balai Kartini, South Jakarta, Thursday (3/5).

Chairman Kadin Indonesia Rosan P. Roeslani and Menperin Airlangga Hartarto (Foto Ist)

Friday, April 27 2018 - 22:36 IWST

Chairman of Kadin: Entrepreneurs Need Exchange Rate Stability

Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Rosan P. Roeslani hopes the regulator can establish the exchange rate of rupiah currency. With exchange rate stability, entrepreneurs will be more confident in making…

Carmelita Hartoto, Chairman of the Indonesian National Shipowners Association (INSA) (Foto Ist)

Wednesday, April 25 2018 - 22:17 IWST

Rupiah Weakens, Chamber of Commerce Asks Market Trust to Be Guarded

Vice Chairman of Kadin for Transportation, Carmelita Hartoto, believes that rupiah exchange rate against US dollar should be maintained so as not to have psychological impact for business actors

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto

Wednesday, April 25 2018 - 22:00 IWST

Minister of Airlangga Called Rupiah Stability Very Important For Industry Performers

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto also highlighted the weakening trend in the rupiah against the US dollar. He said rupiah stability is very important for industry players.

Chairman Apindo Haryadi B. Sukamdani in the 10th Apind0 National Conference (Photo: Ridwan /

Tuesday, April 24 2018 - 20:32 IWST

Chairman of Apindo Request Government Direction Related to Readiness of Entrepreneur Enter Industrial Era 4.0

Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (Apindo) again held the 10th National Conference (Munas) as a forum to voice the aspirations and expectations of the business community to the government.…

Head of Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Thomas Lembong

Tuesday, April 24 2018 - 20:18 IWST

Central Government Assess Tax Incentives for Deposits of Capital Below Rp500 Billion

the Government is reviewing tax incentives for investors with a capital deposit below Rp 500 billion. Previously, incentives such as tax holiday were only given to big businessmen.

Matahari Departement Store (Ist)

Tuesday, April 03 2018 - 21:28 IWST

Matahari Department Store Planning Open Up To 8 Outlets This Year

PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (LPPF) plans to open 6 to 8 outlets this year. is present at Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018

Sunday, March 25 2018 - 20:33 IWST

Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018, Invite All Parties to Generate Local Products in the Online Era

In the event of Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018, also presented a talk show entitled 'SME ORIGIN INDONESIA, Challenges and Opportunities' to invite all parties together to recognize the…

CEO Aulia Ersyah Marinto (Photo: Herlambang /

Sunday, March 25 2018 - 19:58 IWST

Present at Telkom Craft Indonesia, Want Local SME Translucent to International Market

Local product as part of the creative economy is believed to be an alternative sector that can drive national economic growth. Unfortunately, the use of digital technology and online market…

CEO Aulia Ersyah Marinto (Photo: Herlambang /

Thursday, March 22 2018 - 21:38 IWST CEO Ensures Telkom Craft to Become Local Product Showcasing Its Products's CEO, Aulia Ersyah Marinto ensures that all UMKM products participating in Telkom Craft are local products.

National Furniture Industry

Monday, March 12 2018 - 12:55 IWST

Furniture Industry Potential to Become Indonesia Export Market Leader

Indonesia Small and Medium Industries (IKM) which produce furniture and handicrafts have the potential to be developed into a market leader in exports.

Triawan Munaf, head of the Creative Economy Agency (photo: Hitsss)

Wednesday, February 28 2018 - 18:27 IWST

Bekraf-BPS Record GDP of Creative Economy 2016 Rp922,57 Trillion

The Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) and the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) released data showing the gross domestic product (GDP) of the creative economy sector created in 2016 reached…