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Go-Jek (ist)

Monday, March 05 2018 - 23:00 IWST

Gojek Drivers and Merchant Driver Easily Access BRI Services

Jakarta - Gopay which is part of the ecosystem of Gojek mentioned will get easiness to access Bank BRI services. Partners and merchants of Gojek can utilize Bank BRI services.

Jaringan ATM BRI (Foto st)

Monday, March 05 2018 - 22:00 IWST

BRI and Gopay Expand Penetration of Banking Services

Jakarta - Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) cooperates with Go Pay to contribute and accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia.

Direktur Bisnis Konsumer BNI Anggoro Eko Cahyo (ketiga kanan) berpose bersama Glenn Fredly (kedua kanan), Sandhy Sondoro (kiri), Tompi (kedua kiri), Direktur Kargo Garuda Indonesia Sigit Muhartono (ketiga kiri), dan Andra Ramadhan (kanan) usai member

Sunday, March 04 2018 - 19:00 IWST

BNI & Garuda Offer Travel Promo, Every Wednesday Cheaper Price With BNIWOW

Jakarta - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI together Garuda Indonesia organizes Online Travel Promo every Wednesday every day week. This program can be enjoyed by inputting BNIWOW…

BNI Terbitkan TapCash Edisi Elek Yo Band

Sunday, March 04 2018 - 18:00 IWST

Java Jazz Festival 2018, BNI Publish TapCash Elite Yo Band Edition

Jakarta - The presence of Elek Yo Band and the fanfare that helped enliven the Indonesian music scene prompted PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI to help immortalize the band consisting…

Budi Satria, Direktur Bank BTN (Foto Dok

Tuesday, February 27 2018 - 23:00 IWST

2018, UUS BTN Shoot Assets Rp 25.9 Trillion

Jakarta - Sharia Business Unit PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. (UUS BTN) started in 2018 by setting a high target following its brilliant performance in 2017.

PT Asabri (Persero) laksanakan Rakornis) 2018 di Bogor (Foto Rizki Meirino)

Monday, February 26 2018 - 22:00 IWST

Rakornis Asabri Discusses the Improvement and Optimization of Core Business

Bogor - PT Asabri (Persero) today held a 2018 Technical Coordination Meeting (Rakornis) in Bogor to make improvements and optimize its core business.

Bank Indonesia

Monday, February 26 2018 - 21:00 IWST

Indonesia's Economic Growth is Ready to Rise in 2018

Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) responds positively to the policies of developed countries such as the United States and European countries to improve their respective countries' economies.

Ilustrasi bank tanah di Jakarta

Sunday, February 25 2018 - 15:00 IWST

Banking Industry Performance 2017

Jakarta, Confidence began to stretch the banking industry business this year is based on three factors that will be a driver of bank profit growth this year.

Ilustrasi Bank (

Sunday, February 25 2018 - 14:00 IWST

Strong Signal Growth of National Banking Industry Performance 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia's banking industry's net profit is estimated to grow by 15% throughout 2018.

Gedung Bank Indonesia

Saturday, February 24 2018 - 23:00 IWST

BI Has Not Been Reported Yet About Candidate Name of BI Governor

Jakarta - The name of Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor Perry Warjiyo is widely referred to as one of the proposed president to the House of Representatives (DPR) as a candidate for Governor of…

Ketua Umum Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia (Kadin) Rosan Perkasa Roeslani (Foto: Ist)

Friday, February 23 2018 - 18:00 IWST

Keep the Investment Climate, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Hopes The Government Is Not Increasing Interest Rates

Jakarta, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) expressed its hope that Bank Indonesia will be able to maintain interest rates and not raise it for the foreseeable future.

Bank Ganesha

Wednesday, February 21 2018 - 21:00 IWST

2017, Bank Ganesha's Net Profit Up 30%

Jakarta - PT Bank Ganesha Tbk recorded net profit of Rp. 51.1 billion by the end of 2017, up 30% year-on-year (yoy) from Rp. 39.2 billion in the same period of 2016. Net profit before tax reached…

Presiden Direktur BCA Jahja Setiaatmadja (Foto Ist)

Wednesday, February 21 2018 - 20:00 IWST

BCA Prepares Innovation of Banking Products and Services Industry

Jakarta - PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is present in the midst of the diversity of stakeholders to serve and give maximum effort as the development of various sectors in Indonesia. BCA's 61…

Bank Mandiri Syariah (Foto Ist)

Wednesday, February 21 2018 - 19:00 IWST

Mandiri Syariah Is Ready to Sell Retail Sukuk Sector SR-010

Jakarta - Mandiri Syariah expects to sell Retail Sukuk Sector (SR) 010 up to Rp500 billion. SR-010 begins entering the booking period from 23 February to 14 March 2018.

Dirut BTN Maryono (Foto Rizki Meirino)

Tuesday, February 20 2018 - 23:00 IWST

BTN: Digital Banking Revenues Up 26.8 Percent

PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) JAKARTA (IFT) - PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) Tbk (Persero) Tbk recorded a fee-based income growth from digital banking services at the end of December 2017, up…

Budi Satria, Managing Director Network Distribution BTN (Foto Rizki Meirino)

Monday, February 19 2018 - 22:00 IWST

To Encourage Third Party Funds, Bank BTN Holds Roadshow Super Untung Jaman Now Program

Jakarta - PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk (BBTN), or BTN Bank, held a roadshow aka touring tour to reach third party funds (DPK) retail through Super Untung Jaman Now Program.

Bank Indonesia

Sunday, February 18 2018 - 22:00 IWST

Bank Indonesia Is Consistent That Economic Growth Set at 5.5 Percent

Jakarta - Looking ahead, Bank Indonesia predicts 2018 economic growth to be in the range of 5.1-5.5%.

Ilustrasi Bank (

Sunday, February 18 2018 - 19:00 IWST

It's How the Banking Industry Grows Business Growth in 2018

Jakarta, Predicted improving global and domestic economy gives hope to the growth of banking industry business in 2018.