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BBM, SPBU (Foto/Rizki Meirino)

Thursday, May 17 2018 - 16:00 IWST

Extend Access to Non-Cash Transactions Purchase of BBM, Pertamina Cooperates with Mastercard

Jakarta - PT Pertamina (Persero) is cooperating with Mastercard to support electronic payment system for transactions at all Pertamina Gas Filling Station (SPBU) in Indonesia.

Bank Bukopin. (Foto: IST)

Tuesday, May 15 2018 - 19:00 IWST

Bukopin Bank Increases Efficiency, Operational Cost Down 5 Percent

Jakarta - During the first four months of 2018 Bank Bukopin reduced its operational cost by 5% compared to the same period in 2017, from Rp907 billion to Rp859 billion. The company has initiated…

Rino Donosepoetro Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia (Foto Anisa)

Monday, May 14 2018 - 22:30 IWST

SCBI's Net Profit Reaches Rp 341 Billion in Q1-2018

As the leading international banking group, Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia recorded a net profit of Rp 341 billion in Q1-2018. That number increased by 214 percent over the same period last…

Peserta, mentor dan Citibank di acara Master Class Digital Financial Literacy 2018

Monday, May 07 2018 - 13:30 IWST

Citibank and AJI Hold Open Master Class Digital Financial Literacy 2018

Citi Indonesia (Citibank) in cooperation with the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia opened the program "Master Class Digital Financial Literacy 2018" which was inaugurated…

Bank Indonesia

Sunday, May 06 2018 - 03:00 IWST

Bank of Indonesia: Consumer Confidence Strong in April 2018

Consumer Survey of Bank Indonesia (BI) shows consumer confidence strengthened in April 2018 compared to March 2018, despite a slight decrease in perception for availability of employment in…

Sberbank telah menggunakan solusi SAP SuccessFactors

Friday, May 04 2018 - 18:30 IWST

SAP Completes Russia's Largest Cloud Project

Jakarta - SAP recently announced that the largest financial banking and financial services company in Russia, Sberbank, has used SAP SuccessFactors solution to manage its workforce of 230 thousand…

Achmad K Permana Didapuk Jadi Dirut Bank Muamalat (Foto Ist)

Friday, May 04 2018 - 18:00 IWST

Three Investors Interested Injecting Capital Bank Muamalat

Jakarta - President Director of PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk Achmad K Permana said there are three potential investors from inside and outside the country who are interested to inject capital…

Direktur Utama BRI Suprajarto (Foto ist)

Thursday, May 03 2018 - 17:00 IWST

BRI Targets 14 Million Chip Debit Cards

Jakarta - PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk targets about 14 million debit cards using chip technology from the total of 52 million BRI debit cards this year.

Direktur Utama BRI Suprajarto

Thursday, May 03 2018 - 16:30 IWST

BRI Dugs Income Services Anticipate Lower Margin

Jakarta - PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk will continue to explore the potential revenue of services (FBI) to anticipate the decline in net interest margin (NIM).

Dirut BRISyariah Moch Hadi Santoso (Foto Dok

Wednesday, May 02 2018 - 14:30 IWST

BRI Syariah Net Profit Spikes 64 Percent

Jakarta - PT Bank BRISyariah Tbk booked an increase in net profit after tax of 64 percent (yoy) to Rp 54.38 billion compared to March 2017 of Rp 33.17.

Menkeu Sri Mulyani Indrawati (Foto Voa)

Tuesday, May 01 2018 - 14:00 IWST

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Appoints JP Morgan SUN Agent

Jakarta - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati again appointed JP Morgan Chase Bank NA as the main dealer of Sovereign Debt Instruments in accordance with Letter of Appointment Number S-45…

Gubernur BI Agus Martowardojo (Foto Rizki Meirino)

Saturday, April 28 2018 - 14:00 IWST

BI: State-Owned Enterprises Hedging Prevent Exchange Risk

Jakarta - Bank Indonesia urges SOE corporations to improve the prudential principle of foreign currency debt by increasing the hedging ratio so that foreign exchange losses can be minimized.

Mata uang Rupiah (Foto Ist)

Wednesday, April 25 2018 - 14:00 IWST

Rupiah Wednesday Morning Weakened to Rp13.892

Jakarta - The rupiah exchange rate interbank in Jakarta on Wednesday morning moved down by 18 points to Rp13,892 compared to the previous position of Rp13,874 per US dollar.

Rizal Calvary Marimbo Juru Bicara Bidang Ekonomi, Industri, dan Bisnis PSI

Tuesday, April 24 2018 - 14:30 IWST

Rupiah Depreciates, PSI: DPR Needs to Boost Revised Foreign Exchange Law

Jakarta Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI) views the House of Representatives (DPR) needs to review to revise the Foreign Exchange Traffic Act (Lalin) No. 24 year 1999 on Foreign Exchange Traffic…

Direktur Utama Bank DKI, Kresno Sediarsi ( Dok

Monday, April 23 2018 - 14:30 IWST

Bank DKI Synergy with OK OCE Holds Major Credit Codes to Beginner UMKM

Jakarta - Bank DKI disbursed mass loans to 70 UMKM beginners assisted by OCE with maximum credit limit per debtor reaching Rp10 million with interest rate of 7%. This is one part of the implementation…

Onny Widjanarko Kepala Departemen Kebijakan Sistem Pembayaran BI (Foto Dok

Monday, April 23 2018 - 14:00 IWST

May 2018, Bank Indonesia Issues QR Code Regulation

Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) invites industry players to play an active role in the payment business. Moreover, it is not long before BI regulates QR Code a safer and faster payment system.

Bank Indonesia

Sunday, April 22 2018 - 16:00 IWST

Bank Indonesia Assessing National Economy Stay Solid

Mataram-Bank Indonesia considers that the national economy remains solid supported by good domestic and external conditions.

Bank Indonesia

Sunday, April 22 2018 - 15:30 IWST

FED Interest Rate Sentiment Holds Rupiah

Mataram - UOB Bank Economist Enrico Tanuwidjaja believes that the sentiment of the US central bank rate hike is still one of the factors that keep the rupiah appreciating against the US dollar.