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Property developer, PT Metropolitan Land Tbk continues to expand and the latest one is launching Royal Venya Ubud, in Ubud Bali area. A complex of luxury villas and resorts hotels are located on the hillside.

Wednesday, November 15 2017 - 18:36 IWST

Expansion, Metland Will Build Villas and Hotels in Ubud

Property developer, PT Metropolitan Land Tbk continues to expand and the latest one is launching Royal Venya Ubud, in Ubud Bali area. A complex of luxury villas and resort hotels located on…

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Wednesday, November 15 2017 - 10:30 IWST

BTN Will Build Housing For Low-Income Communities in East Java

PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk (BBTN) will build a simple house worth Rp123 million, targeting low-income people (MBR) in East Java.

Country General Manager Rumah123, Ignatius Untung. (Photo Ridwan)

Tuesday, November 14 2017 - 23:55 IWST

Festival Property Indonesia Offers Residential Installment Rp1, 5 Million's

Indonesia's No.1 porch site, Home 123 again held the Indonesian Property Festival (FPI). The event for the second time in 2017 was officially opened today by Country General Manager House 123,…

Direktur Distribusi Bank Mandiri Henry Gunardi (Foto Rizki Meirino)

Tuesday, November 14 2017 - 20:49 IWST

In FPI, Bank Mandiri Offers Interest of 5.99%

PT Bank Mandiri continues to strengthen its expansion in home mortgage market (KPR). To that end, Bank Mandiri together with House 123 presents 'Indonesia Property Festival (FPI)'.

Sinar Mas Land won four awards at the 2017 Property Innovation Award

Monday, November 13 2017 - 08:05 IWST

Sinar Mas Land Wins Four Awards at Innovation Award 2017 Property Event

Southeast Asia's leading developer, Sinar Mas Land successfully won four awards at the Property Innovation Award 2017 event held in Jakarta, (10/9/11/2017) ago.

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Sunday, November 12 2017 - 19:05 IWST

Property Industry in East Java Continues to Increase Significantly

Executive Director of PT Intinland Archied Noto Pradono sees the property market in Surabaya city and several cities / districts in East Java so potential that the company will continue to optimize…

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Sunday, November 12 2017 - 15:47 IWST

Here Is 5 Cheap Home Choices Under Rp 200 Million in Botabek

Many People say it is difficult to buy a house today, because the price keeps climbing up, the phrase is in fact not one hundred percent true. If people want to spend a little time looking for…

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Saturday, November 04 2017 - 22:19 IWST

Trans Park @ Juanda-Bekasi Record Sales of 350 units Within Two Hours

a fast-paced lifestyle greatly affects the changing interest in the selection of public housing from leanded houses into apartments.

Illustration of Apartment Development (Ist)

Saturday, November 04 2017 - 18:15 IWST

Property Industry Moves, Indopasifik Build Apartments in Alam Sutera

PT Indopasifik Indahtama immediately realized the construction of "Pacific Garden Style" apartment on a 1.4 hectare land located in Alam Sutera Tangerang City, Banten

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Friday, November 03 2017 - 23:53 IWST

Here are 4 Most Wanted Apartments on Google

The apartment is now a residential choice of property seekers, a strategic location and the complete facilities on offer to be the reason why vertical dwellings are selected.

Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR as Founder and Director of STIKOM The London School of Public Relations

Friday, November 03 2017 - 14:43 IWST

Trans Property Do Ground Breaking Transpark @Juanda Bekasi

Millenial generation that has a fast-paced, practical and instant lifestyle takes an important role in moving the national economy.

Smart Home + City Indonesia 2018 will take place 3 to 5 May at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta Indonesia. (Photo:

Thursday, November 02 2017 - 21:37 IWST

800 Head of Region Supports the Implementation of Smart Home City 2018

Smart House technology exhibition, smart building and smart city or Smart Home + City Indonesia 2018 will take place 3 to 5 May at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta - Indonesia. A total of 800 Heads…

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Tuesday, October 31 2017 - 21:32 IWST

Housing Development Optimistic to Achieve Targeted Net Profit 2017

The management of PT Pembangunan Perumahan Tbk (PTPP) is optimistic to reach the target of net profit of Rp7.7 trillion in 2017, although the government banned the construction company to work…

Topping Off Tower Mahakam

Monday, October 30 2017 - 21:27 IWST

Faster than Estimated, Topping Off Tower Mahakam Accelerated

PT Jababeka Tbk in cooperation with PT PP Properties Tbk to form a joint venture company under the name PT Jababeka PP Property. This joint venture presents a vertical dwelling or affordable…


Monday, October 30 2017 - 13:35 IWST

Quarter III 2017, PT PP Profit grows up to 75 percent

The leading construction and investment company in Indonesia PT PP (Persero) Tbk, announces third quarter performance results in 2017. Operational performance as well as the Company's new contract…

PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD)

Wednesday, October 25 2017 - 23:04 IWST

Intiland Cooperates with Three Developers to Support A Million House Program

PT Intiland Development Tbk is partnering with three REI member developers to build low-cost housing for low-income communities to support the government's one million housing program.

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Wednesday, October 25 2017 - 22:58 IWST

Survey, Millennial Generation More Interested to Buy Apartments

As long as this home tread is still the primary choice of occupancy seekers rather than apartments. This is normal because the tread house does offer some advantages over vertical dwelling,…

President Jokowi accompanied by State Minister of State Own Enterprises, Minister of PUPR and President Director of Bank BTN at IPEX 2017 (dok

Monday, October 23 2017 - 22:35 IWST

Property Industry Grows, BTN Optimistic Reaches Target to Build Subsidy House

PT Bank Tabungan Negara Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra), said it is optimistic to reach the target of building 1,945 units of subsidized houses by 2017.