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Illustration of Flats in Jakarta

Wednesday, September 13 2017 - 19:19 IWST

Million House Program, Local Government Asked to Facilitate Land Appointment

The Ministry of Home Affairs encourages the Regional Government (Pemda) in accordance with its authority to facilitate the appointment of land. This is to succeed the one million house program…

Tuesday, September 12 2017 - 23:05 IWST

Brantas Abipraya Working on Condotel Development Project in Bintan

PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) conducts the groundbreaking of the vertical building for Condotel Melia Bintan in Sebong Bay, Bintan Island, Riau Islands.

Illustration Shelter Integrated with public transportation modes such as Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Tuesday, September 12 2017 - 22:37 IWST

Observer: TOD Integrated Residence Will Be Most Wanted

Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) assesses the development of integrated shelter with public transportation modes such as Transit Oriented Development (TOD) will be a prima donna in the future.…

PT Waskita Karya Tbk (WSKT) (Foto Ist)

Tuesday, September 12 2017 - 03:22 IWST

Waskita Realty and KAI Will Develop TOD Area at Bogor Station

PT Waskita Karya Tbk (WSKT) through its subsidiary PT Waskita Realty will develop Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area in Bogor station on a 6.5 hectare (ha) land

Expansion, Asia Paints Launch Factory in Karawang

Monday, September 11 2017 - 22:19 IWST

Expansion, Asia Paints Launch Factory in Karawang

Recently, PT Asian Paints Indonesia inaugurated new factory in Surya Citra Industrial Area, Karawang, West Java. The investment value of the plant is around US $ 30 million-US $ 40 million.…

kota Kertajati (Istimewa)

Monday, September 11 2017 - 22:16 IWST

PP Property Build an Independent City of 200 Hectares in Kertajati

PP PP Property Tbk (PPRO) is getting more expansive in the rest of the year. PPRO plans to acquire land in several locations. The largest, PPRO will acquire land in the Kertajati area of ​​200…

Residence Illustration

Sunday, September 10 2017 - 23:01 IWST

Six Reasons Developers Fall In Love In Bekasi

Property Observer from Indonesia Property Watch Ali Tranghanda revealed that commercial projects such as residential and retail in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java began to grow since 2010. This…

Soelaman Soemawinata, Chair of REI (Doc. Industry)

Sunday, September 10 2017 - 22:37 IWST

These three things will be REI prioritized with Japanese investors

The Indonesian Real Estate Companies Association (REI) welcomes the government's move to invite Japanese investors in Indonesia. The reason, the product origin of the cherry country is still…

Ombudsman Threatens Meikarta Developer Criminal

Sunday, September 10 2017 - 14:17 IWST

Ombudsman Threatens Meikarta Developer Criminal

Ombudsman Commissioner Alamsyah Saragih questioned Meikarta's unfinished construction of its licenses, but has issued massive advertisements in various media.

Wismaya Residence a special appreciation title for its property consumers, It is characterized by the drawing of Wismaya Viva Europe, Saturday (09/09/2017)

Sunday, September 10 2017 - 13:52 IWST

Buy Property From Wismaya Residence Can get Mercedes Benz

PT Langgeng Makmur Perkasa in this case Langgeng Land as the developer of Wismaya Residence gives special appreciation to the consumers who have bought his property. This is marked by the draw…

Sillicon Valley Illustration

Friday, September 08 2017 - 09:43 IWST

Four Independent Cities Snatch Silicon Valley Indonesia Labels

You may already familiar with the name Youtube, Google, Facebook, to Apple. Ever wondered the same as their headquarters? Apparently the giant company is sheltering in the same area, namely…

Direktur Jenderal Industri Kecil dan Menengah (IKM) Kementerian Perindustrian, Gati Wibawaningsih

Thursday, September 07 2017 - 22:08 IWST

Ministry of Industry: Furniture and Handicraft Industry Has Strategic Value In Indonesia's Economy

the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia said that the domestic furniture industry sector contributes significantly to the national economy.

Independent City

Thursday, September 07 2017 - 21:59 IWST

Here are the 5 Most Widespread Independent Cities Near Jakarta

With the increasingly narrow land in the city of Jakarta, it seems to make many developers decided to build an independent city project on the outskirts of Jakarta. The project certainly can…

Director General of IKTA Ministry of Industry, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono (Photo Ridwan)

Wednesday, September 06 2017 - 13:22 IWST

Propan Raya Expansion Rp250 Billion Produce Environmentally Friendly Paint

The domestic paint industry is increasing its competitiveness in order to be able to compete in local and global market. This step is realized by PT Propan Dekorindo Raya, a subsidiary of PT…