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Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno in the Go-Food Festival in Pasaraya, Blok-M (Photo: Rahmat Herlambang /

Wednesday, January 10 2018 - 17:54 IWST

Sandiaga Uno Hopes Blok M Area Back to be Culinary and Shopping Area

Blok M area until now is famous for its business and shopping areas as well as culinary. Located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This place has always been famous for its central shopping…

Garuda Indonesia Airlines

Saturday, January 06 2018 - 21:42 IWST

End of January 2018, Garuda Open Two Flight Routes from China to Bali

At the end of January 2018, the national airline Garuda Indonesia will serve the Denpasar route to Zhengzhou and Denpasar to Xi'an. With the opening of this flight route, is one way to facilitate…

Niagara Falls Freezing

Saturday, January 06 2018 - 21:37 IWST

Due to Extreme Weather, Niagara Falls Freezing

Thick snow is engulfing some areas such as in New York, Ontario, Canada, Boston, Dallas, Oklahoma, Georgia and surrounding areas. Indeed, the American continent is currently facing winter, but…

Find Your Lucky Star, Unique Restaurant at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Photo:

Saturday, January 06 2018 - 21:27 IWST

Want to Try the Sensation When You Eat Under the Stars and Galaxies?

Ever dream of eating under the beautiful stars while eating delicious food? Well, you can realize that dream in Kuala Lumpur. Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur has just launched its only…

Hakone City, Sightseeing Cruise on Lake Ashi, Mount Fuji, Japan (ist)

Saturday, January 06 2018 - 21:23 IWST

Here is The Right Time for Booking Flights in 2018

One of the constraints of tourists who want bertraveling, is the cost of an expensive flight. And, it makes tourists think again to go to visit the tourist destination. Usually, most travelers,…

Pasar Tahura, Lampung (Foto:pasartahura/Instagram)

Saturday, January 06 2018 - 21:18 IWST

Tahura Market, Trend Travel Destination in Lampung

Talking about Lampung, has a tempting tourist destination for tourists who visit there. But, not only to present the natural attractions and the maritime, Lampung also has a digital destination…

Flames Mediterranean & American Grill Restaurant in Wilford, Connecticut, United States (Photo: Arnold Gold / Hearst Connecticut Media)

Wednesday, January 03 2018 - 14:59 IWST

Do not Have Any Money? This Restaurant Give You Food For Free!

A restaurant located in Wilford, Connecticut, United States, has its own uniqueness and make people interested. This Mediterranean Flames Mediterranean & American Grill restaurant has an exciting…

Reog in Probolinggo (Photo:

Tuesday, January 02 2018 - 18:36 IWST

Bromo Night Carnival Will Be Performed On The Turn Of Each Year

On the eve of the turn of 2017, the Department of Youth, Sports, Tourism and Culture (Disporaparbud) Probolinggo District held a cultural parade "Bromo Night Carnival" (BNC) held in the Tengger…

Taman Nasional Komodo (Foto Dok

Monday, January 01 2018 - 17:44 IWST

Komodo Island Tourism Industry Revenues Reach Rp27 Billion

Head of Komodo National Park (TNK) Sudiyono said that the revenue value of non-tax state revenue (PNBP) from tourist visits in Komodo Island, West Manggarai Regency reached Rp27 billion more…

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Foto Dok

Monday, January 01 2018 - 17:38 IWST

200 Thousand Visitors Will Take Vacation in Ancol Today

The management of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol estimates that around 200 thousand visitors will visit the tourism object in North Jakarta, on Monday (1/1/2018).

Illustration Takes Coffee while on the Go (Photo:

Saturday, December 30 2017 - 23:10 IWST

If you Wander to Visit Seoul, Do not Bring Drinks to the Bus

Various regulations in every country and even region, making the tourists especially who want to vacation to this Gingseng country. Why? because the Seoul city government of South Korea imposes…

Minister Arief Yahya on the inaugural flight Garuda Indonesia Jakarta-Banyuwangi

Saturday, December 30 2017 - 18:18 IWST

The House Admits Performance of Ministry of Tourism Less Optimal

Performance of the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) RI under the leadership of Arief Yahya is considered less than optimal.

Volkswagen Beetle Car Hotel in Shoubak, Jordan (Photo: REUTERS / Muhammad Hamed)

Wednesday, December 27 2017 - 23:05 IWST

Lets Try Sensation Stay at The Smallest VW Car Hotel!

The current accommodation business is getting much loved by the public, this is certainly one way to increase tourist arrivals also in the area.

Knowing the Sunyaragi Cave's Historic Site in Cirebon (Photo Dije)

Sunday, December 24 2017 - 23:45 IWST

Knowing the Sunyaragi Caves Historic Site in Cirebon City

Cirebon, is a city that has a variety of historical stories, customs and cultures are thick, has an interesting tourist destinations, as well as culinary legendary and delicious. One of them…

Trip to Putri Kuningan Waterfall (Photo Dije)

Sunday, December 24 2017 - 19:36 IWST

Take a trip to the Putri Waterfall in Kuningan and the Legendary Story

In addition to its famous history tour, cultural tourism, and culinary, Kuningan also has a natural tour that is not less beautiful than other areas on the island of Java. One of them is Curug…

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya

Thursday, December 21 2017 - 20:29 IWST

Minister: Bali Current Status Normal

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya said, that the condition of Bali is currently normal. Conditions in Bali had been pronounced because of eruption of Mount Agung in September 2017 ago.

Illustration of Foreign Tourist Visits (Wisman)

Thursday, December 21 2017 - 16:27 IWST

Projection of Foreign Visitor Year 2017 Target Unachieve

In 2017, the government has targeted 15 million foreign tourists visit to Indonesia. However, the target is not achieved.

Surabaya City

Sunday, December 17 2017 - 21:58 IWST

During 2017, Surabaya Visited by 24 Million Tourists

Department of Culture and Tourism of Surabaya City states the level of tourist visits to the City of Heroes during 2017 reached 24 million people.