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street gourmet bus

Wednesday, July 26 2017 - 00:52 IWST

Street Gourmet, Tourism Bus and Sightseeing Restaurant in Bandung

Jakarta - Two Indonesian football players, Tony Sucipto and Airlangga make an innovation in developing Indonesian culinary by creating a restaurant bus. This is certainly supported by the Director…

waiter robots

Wednesday, July 26 2017 - 00:45 IWST

This Pizza Restaurant in Pakistan, Served By Robots!

Multan - In addition to Japan and China with its restaurant robots, in Pakistan there are also restaurants that use robots as waiters. In Pakistan, there is a pizza restaurant robot in Multan,…

Starbucks in Japan

Wednesday, July 26 2017 - 00:43 IWST

Wow! Cafe in Japan is called The Most Enjoy and Most Beautiful Cafe

Japan - In Toyama City, Kansui Park, Japan there is a Starbucks Coffee building that has been named the most beautiful Starbucks caf in the world after winning the grand prize at Store Design…