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McDonald's New Item

Friday, July 28 2017 - 21:01 IWST

It Takes Just 2 Weeks, Fat Rice Burger and Chendol McFlurry Sold Out

Singapore Fat Rice Burger, Chendol McFlurry and Bandung McFizz recently sold at McDonald's fast food restaurant on July 13, 2017, suddenly ended the sale of the three items on Tuesday (25/7/2017).

street gourmet bus

Wednesday, July 26 2017 - 00:52 IWST

Street Gourmet, Tourism Bus and Sightseeing Restaurant in Bandung

Jakarta - Two Indonesian football players, Tony Sucipto and Airlangga make an innovation in developing Indonesian culinary by creating a restaurant bus. This is certainly supported by the Director…

waiter robots

Wednesday, July 26 2017 - 00:45 IWST

This Pizza Restaurant in Pakistan, Served By Robots!

Multan - In addition to Japan and China with its restaurant robots, in Pakistan there are also restaurants that use robots as waiters. In Pakistan, there is a pizza restaurant robot in Multan,…

Starbucks in Japan

Wednesday, July 26 2017 - 00:43 IWST

Wow! Cafe in Japan is called The Most Enjoy and Most Beautiful Cafe

Japan - In Toyama City, Kansui Park, Japan there is a Starbucks Coffee building that has been named the most beautiful Starbucks caf in the world after winning the grand prize at Store Design…