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TamJai SamGor Singapore

Friday, March 04 2022 - 14:30 IWST

Tamjai Samgor Singapore Spices Up March With A New Store Opening, Tangy Tomato Soup And 1-For-1 Wednesday's

TamJai SamGor Singapore makes the month of March spicier and more exciting with the launch of a new store opening in City Square Mall on 7 March with special promotions available only at this…

PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”)

Saturday, February 26 2022 - 19:10 IWST

HOKI Continues to Strengthen Business Sustainability

PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”), a Public Company which produces quality rice products under the “Topi Koki” and “HOKI” brands, continues to strengthen its business sustainability…

FPT Industrial is presenting a new special project called “Behind Food” along with its latest engines at the World Ag Expo 2022

Thursday, February 17 2022 - 13:40 IWST

FPT Industrial Leads The Path To Sustainable Agriculture At World AG Expo And Presents The “BEHIND FOOD” Special Project

FPT Industrial is presenting a new special project called “Behind Food” along with its latest engines at the World Ag Expo 2022, the world’s largest agricultural exhibition, which takes…

PT Sariguna Primatirta Tbk (“CLEO”)

Monday, January 31 2022 - 19:29 IWST

CLEO Targets Three Additional Factories This Year

PT Sariguna Primatirta Tbk (“CLEO”), the first Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK) producer in Indonesia to receive an ISO 22000: 2005 food safety management certificate with purified water differentiation…

The Foot Locker Senayan City “Power Store”

Monday, January 31 2022 - 18:45 IWST

Foot Locker Opens Its First ‘POWER STORE’ in Indonesia to Answer the Needs of Indonesian Youth

Foot Locker, a retailer with an iconic reputation in the sneaker and youth culture space officially opens its first “Power Store” and a “Core Store: in Indonesia through a partnership…

Hana Soju by Chuga

Wednesday, January 26 2022 - 15:00 IWST

The World's First 8% ABV Low Alcohol Soju Range In Singapore Becoming One Of The Most Popular Choices For Singaporeans In January - HANA SOJU BY CHUGA 

Delicate and flavourful, Hana Soju by Chuga (8% ABV) is brewed to be more approachable for casual consumption and everyday enjoyment (the industry norm ABV ranges from 12% - 17.3%).

PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”)

Thursday, December 23 2021 - 17:00 IWST

Aiming for Sales Increase, HOKI Prepares New Products

PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”), an issuer of quality rice producers under the “Topi Koki” and “HOKI” brands, continues to innovate in business by preparing two new products…

PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk (MLBI)

Tuesday, November 30 2021 - 22:00 IWST

Multi Bintang Indonesia’s Public Exposé 2021: Strong Recovery on the Road to Pre-pandemic Levels

PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk (MLBI), the producer of the iconic BINTANG and the world-renowned Heineken® beer, through its annual Public Exposé highlighted the importance of staying connected…

Golden Pak’s packaging equipment is exported to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan and Russia

Friday, October 29 2021 - 20:45 IWST

Creating Intelligent Packaging Solutions For a Global Market

Located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Golden Packaging (Golden Pak) has many years of rich service experience in the ice cream industry, as well as providing all kinds of packaging…

Heinz ABC Indonesia, one of the leaders in the F&B industry in Indonesia

Friday, May 01 2020 - 19:03 IWST

Heinz ABC to Support Indonesia’s Elderly This Ramadan

Heinz ABC Indonesia Heinz ABC, one of the leaders in the F&B industry in Indonesia, is officially launching its initiative for Ramadhan 2020, Gerakan Untuk Lansia di Bulan Ramadhan, to support…

Kratingdaeng (Foto Kormen)

Thursday, September 20 2018 - 21:16 IWST

Energy Drinks Are Not Doping, This Is the Explanation From Kratingdaeng Boss

Energy drinks are increasingly consumed to increase energy, especially for those who have a lot of activities. The specialty of energy drinks lies in their composition and ingredients which…

Food Products (ist)

Friday, August 31 2018 - 20:55 IWST

Application of Industry 4.0 Able to Boost Exports of Food Products Beverage Up to Four Times

the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) has determined the food and beverage industry sector (Mamin) to be one of the priority sectors which is a pilot for the implementation of industry 4.0.

Plt. Direktur Jenderal Industri Agro Kementerian Perindustrian, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono bersama Presiden Direktur PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk, Michael Chin (Foto: Dok. Kemenperin)

Monday, August 13 2018 - 20:30 IWST

Indonesia's Minol Industry Spans the United States Market

Jakarta, the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) gave an appreciation to PT Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI), which can penetrate the export market to the United States (US).


Wednesday, July 18 2018 - 22:03 IWST

Egg Prices Not Going Down, Government Threatens Market Intervention

The government has prepared measures to stabilize the price of eggs and chicken meat in the market. These efforts have received positive response from business actors.

Head of BPOM Penny K. Lukito (Foto Ist)

Monday, July 16 2018 - 21:24 IWST

BPOM: Sweetened Condensed Milk, Safe to Consume

The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) stated that Sweetened Milk (SKM) is milk and safe for consumption, although it is different from sweetened condensed Cream This is followed by the…

illustration of Vaname Shrimp

Tuesday, July 03 2018 - 23:44 IWST

Indonesia Potentially Becomes the Largest Shrimp Exporter of the World

Indonesia is considered to have the potential of coastal land for the largest shrimp pond in the world. This is an important step for Indonesia as a producer and exporter of shrimp.

Menteri Perdagangan RI, Enggartiasto Lukita

Saturday, June 02 2018 - 21:45 IWST

Minister of Trade Lukita Will Lower Rice Price

Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita stated that it will lower the highest retail price (HET) of medium quality rice previously set at Rp9.450 per kilogram.

PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (INDF (Foto Istimewa)

Saturday, May 26 2018 - 22:27 IWST

Indofood Becomes Official Partner of the 2018 Asian Games

As one of the national food companies in Indonesia, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, through its three brands namely Indomie, Pop Mie, and Indomilk, expressed its support as an official partner…