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Friday, January 05 2018 - 13:04 IWST

Startup Entrepreneurs Need Aim Internet Users

Indonesia StartUp entrepreneurs are required to sharpen their business differentiation, in order to have positioning. Thus, Start Up entrepreneurs are expected to compete with similar competitors.…

WeChat, Chinese Social Media App

Tuesday, January 02 2018 - 16:52 IWST

China's New Four New Great Inventions In The Mobile Era

Innovative Inventions Made and Designed in China Shaping the World's Digital Progress

Wificorner (dok

Thursday, December 28 2017 - 21:14 IWST

It Is Official, Wifi Corner Released to People with Business Passion

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk officially launched Wifi Corner (WiCo 2.0) in order to increase internet broadband penetration in all corners of NKRI, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises…

Redmi 5A Sold Out In Three Minutes (Foto Dok

Thursday, December 28 2017 - 20:46 IWST

Lazada Year End Surprise, Redmi 5A Sold Out In Three Minutes

Lazada as the largest e-commerce and no. 1 in Indonesia and Southeast Asia continues to be committed to always be at the forefront in delivering the best products to consumers throughout Indonesia.…

Ilustrasi fintech. (E+/Emir Memedovski)

Thursday, December 21 2017 - 11:45 IWST

Fintech industry is getting more and more popular

The Financial Services Authority declared the industry "financial technology (fintech)" or financial technology is currently increasingly in demand by the public.

BI Fintech (ist)

Monday, December 18 2017 - 21:49 IWST

Fintech Industry Awaits New Rules of Financial Services Authority and BI

the Financial Services Authority (OJK) seems quite concerned about the development of the fintech industry in the country.

Fintech industry illustration (

Monday, December 18 2017 - 21:41 IWST

Knitting Business Synergy Between Bank and Fintech

Knitting Business Synergy Between Bank and Fintech

Menperin Airlangga Hartarto with milineal youth in Jakarta (Public Relations Ministry)

Monday, December 18 2017 - 20:18 IWST

Growing 10 Percent, Ministry of Industry Invites Millennials Take advantage of Digital Industry Potential

In the last six years, the digital industry in Indonesia has grown from 9.98 to 10.7 percent per year, twice the growth of the national economy.

BI Fintech (ist)

Sunday, December 17 2017 - 20:54 IWST

Fintech Future Solutions for the Financial Industry

Fintech which is considered the future for the financial industry has been recognized by many parties, including the banking sector, who are competing to launch innovations in the field of fintech.…


Sunday, December 17 2017 - 20:40 IWST

Fintech Industries Become Alternative Financing Solutions for Business Capital

Only 19 percent of Indonesians use banks. There are still 81 percent who have not come into contact with the bank.

Danu Wicaksana CEO TCash (dok

Sunday, December 17 2017 - 13:21 IWST

TCASH on 3rd place The Largest Fintech Player in Indonesia

TCASH CEO Danu Wicaksana targets, next year TCASH will be at least 100 percent increase. Approximately 10 million more active users are available.


Friday, December 15 2017 - 08:49 IWST

Take notes! These Three Terms Need to be Fulfilled by E-commerce Actors Before Selling Online

E-commerce business actors, including the startup level, must obtain permission from the Ministry of Commerce prior to starting their business. The rules will be listed in the Government Regulation…

Grand Final IWIC 11

Thursday, December 14 2017 - 10:17 IWST

Indosat Ooredoo Presents New Digital Innovation Through Young Talent Indonesia at IWIC 11

Indosat Ooredoo, again presents new digital innovations created by young Indonesian talents through the 11th Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest (IWIC 11).

Cooperation agreement between IKM Directorate General of Ministry of Industry with Marketplace (Photo: Humas)

Tuesday, December 12 2017 - 22:05 IWST

Face Industry 4.0, Kemenperin Embrace Marketplace Pace the Development of SMEs

the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) increasingly aggressively spur the development of e-Smart IKM by establishing cooperation agreements with marketplace.

Lazada Holds National Online Shopping Day Live on SCTV 11/12/2017

Tuesday, December 12 2017 - 11:23 IWST

Harbolnas 2017: Today 250 e-commerce Offers Discount Up To 95%

A total of 250 e-commerce in Indonesia participated in the National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) 2017 which begins today Tuesday (12/12). Industry players offer discounts up to 95 percent…

Lazada Holds National Online Shopping Day Live on SCTV 11/12/2017

Friday, December 08 2017 - 21:14 IWST

Expands Markets, Ramayana Cooperates with Lazada Liven Up Harbolnas 2017

PT Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk took the ecommerce Lazada to develop online shopping business. Ramayana did not want to miss the momentum of the National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) which…

PT Pos Indonesia is considered to be the earliest innovation to be able to go towards the company "e-commerce" or a strong electronic transaction in line with the advent of the era of digitalization as it is today.

Friday, December 08 2017 - 12:45 IWST

PT Pos Indonesia Must Be Innovative in E-Commerce

PT Pos Indonesia is considered to be able to develop a strong innovation to be able to go towards the company "e-commerce" or a strong electronic transaction in line with the advent of the era…

Founder Home Changes Prof Rhenald Kasali

Thursday, December 07 2017 - 23:50 IWST

Rhenald Kasali: Disrupt Innovation, This Industry Shattered in 5-10 Years

The phenomenon of disruption or change in the way and business fundamentals, one of which is due to the digital technology revolution is predicted to last for 100 years. Companies that still…