Vice Governor Sandiaga Ensure Ease The Permitting of Home Business Licensing

By : Herry Barus And Aldi Firhand. A | Monday, February 12 2018 - 23:16 IWST

DKI Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno (Photo: Dok
DKI Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno (Photo: Dok - Jakarta - Jakarta Vice Governor, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno will facilitate the licensing for micro and small enterprises (SMEs) that are experiencing difficulties, if it is a home industry or home industry that started its business at home.

"One of OCE's OK pillars is the innovation garage, which started its own business at home, for example Microsoft, Apple which started its business in the garage," said Sandiaga at City Hall of DKI Jakarta, Monday (2/12/2018)

He wants to give Jakarta residents the opportunity to innovate in their own homes and open their businesses, he said.

"The plan today we discuss the finalization, hopefully we can finish as one of the breakthrough licensing issues that refers to some rules," said Sandiaga.

For example, large land, home business, the number of employees and does not cause waste or disruption to the neighbors and no traffic problems caused, he said.

"With these considerations we are likely to have licensing privileges for entrepreneurs, we expect from this there will be tens of thousands of businesses we give permission to develop, which is a breakthrough for job creation in the future," said Vice Governor to the media crew.

Movement One District One Entrepreneurship Center (OK Oce), where one district there is one center of entrepreneurship, with the assistance.

2018 DKI Jakarta Provincial Government prioritizes opening all communication where all elements of the community not only the business world but also from small and medium enterprises as well as from the community provide input so that the discussion in this year 2018, he said.

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