Fiesta White Tea Got Achievement Again

By : Nina Karlita And Aldi Firhand A | Friday, March 16 2018 - 22:14 IWST

Fiesta White Tea Got Achievement Again
Fiesta White Tea Got Achievement Again - Jakarta- Fiesta White Tea produced by PT Singa Mas Indonesia (SMI), a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand again achieved the achievement. two achievements provided by Commodities and Infobisnis in the form of a certificate that Fiesta White Tea is "Best New Beverage Concept 2018 Category Tea Ready To Drink".

The certificate is handed over directly from Epung Saepudin Editor in Chief of Commodities and Business Info to Yohan Arsianto Brand Manager Fiesta White Tea. It becomes a pride for SMI to continue to be able to innovate and improve the quality and quality of its products.

Since its launch in May 2015, Fiesta White Tea is now a favorite drink of healthy and fit mothers, because White Tea has high antioxidants and has many benefits such as lowering cholesterol, protecting the heart, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing aging and shrinking on the skin and prevent the mutation of cancer-causing cells and as antiviral and antimicrobial, originally in drinking regularly.

Yohan said "The first Fiesta White Tea in Indonesia, which is ready-to-drink tea products with the basic ingredients of White Tea. Picked from the youngest tea leaves, without preservatives, artificial sweeteners with two choices of flavors that have its own uniqueness, the taste of Lychee and Jasmine ".

Santo Kadarusman, PR and Marketing Event Manager added "SMI is specialized in moving the RTD beverage industry. The brand used for its main products is "FIESTA" because Fiesta is already known as a brand that carries the quality and quality of its products. "

"Fiesta White Tea has also received various awards. First, Top Tech Choice 2016, Best Innovator In White Tea - Asian Silver Needle Tea - Cold Filling Drink Technology. Second, Marketing Award for The Best in Market Driving for FiestaWhite Tea. The third is the IBCA or Indonesia Business & Company Award, and the last is the "First in Indonesia" Award 2017 which is an appreciation for PT Singa Mas Indonesia, a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand as a Company that has capacity, dedication and professionalism, "concluded Santo.

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