Kadin Cooperates with Lemhannas to Encourage National Insights of Businessmen

By : Ridwan And Aldi Firhand | Tuesday, April 24 2018 - 22:00 IWST

Ketua Umum Kadin Indonesia Rosan P. Roeslani saat penandatanganan MoU dengan Lemhannas RI
Ketua Umum Kadin Indonesia Rosan P. Roeslani saat penandatanganan MoU dengan Lemhannas RI

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta, Understanding Indonesian national values ​​for economic actors, without exception among businessmen is considered very important for national economic resilience in the face of the dynamics of the globalization era.

It is recognized to be the spotlight of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) and the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) RI.

Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Rosan P. Roeslani said, the insight of nationality is also very important for the business world. The reason, the insight of nationality is actually needed as a basic orientation in business.

National insight, he said, can be anticipated to avoid the source of economic and business obstacles that often encountered, such as corruption behavior, poor infrastructure, social conflict, environmental damage, smuggling, and dependence on foreign parties and so on. Therefore, the foundation of national insight needs to be strengthened by all parties.

"We are all trying to overcome economic obstacles with legislation, with technology and with capital and cooperation with other countries. But we sometimes forget that basically all the problems are sourced from the weakness of national insight," Rosan said on the sidelines of the signing of MoU Kadin with Lemhannas RI at Trigatra Building, Lemhannas in Jakarta (23/4/2018)

According to him, the role of the private sector will be enormous in the era of economic globalization and forums of economic cooperation between Indonesia and the countries of the world.

"The role of the private sector will be enormous, so it requires a clear and strong national orientation for business interests in harmony with national interests," Rosan said.

Furthermore, he said, Kadin has an important and vital role in economic development. It hopes, through training cooperation between Kadin and Lemhannas can create entrepreneurs who are strong and have national insight that concerns the interests of the wider community.

As is known, the signing of the MoU is an extension of the MoU which has been signed since 2013.

Meanwhile, Yugi Prayanto, who was the Chief Executive of Kadin-Lemhanas Training, said that one of the things that Indonesia can prepare to face global challenges is by strengthening economic intelligent, so that what happens outside can be predicted to impact on the country soon.

Not only that, mapping strategies of national economic actors also need to be strengthened for economic sustainability that must be maintained.

"Economic growth tends to be good in the last few years and the worldview of Indonesia is also getting better, just the readiness of economic actors against it should also be considered," said Yugi who is also Vice Chairman of Kadin for Fisheries and Marine Affairs.

He hopes, in the future there will be more businessmen who can attend training with Lemhannas RI.

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