President Jokowi Gives 2,797 Land Certificates in Bali

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Saturday, September 09 2017 - 14:00 IWST

Presiden Jokowi saat menyerahkan sertifikat di Lapangan Pusat Pemerintahan Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Jumat (8/9). (Foto: Humas/Anggun)
Presiden Jokowi saat menyerahkan sertifikat di Lapangan Pusat Pemerintahan Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Jumat (8/9). (Foto: Humas/Anggun) - Mangupura- President Joko Widodo handed over 2,797 land certificates belonging to the Balinese community from 3,500 land certificates under the Complete Systematic Land Registration Program (PTSL) at the Badung Regency Government Center, Bali.

"This effort is to prevent the occurrence of land disputes in some districts / cities, because the land does not have a certificate, I do not want any more land disputes occur in Indonesia, neither with neighbors, with the government, companies, because they have not held the land certificate," he said at Mangupura, Bali, Friday (08/09/2017)

The number one person in Indonesia said the central government target in 2017 recorded land that already has a certificate of land as many as five million certificates to be submitted to the community.

In 2018, the target of land certificate that is completed reaches seven million certificates and in 2019 there are nine million certificates submitted to the community.

He acknowledged the total land that exists throughout the country reached 126 million plots of land that must be certified and currently only 46 million plots of land that has been certified throughout the country.

"I have already ordered the Minister of National Land Management (BPN) to complete the land certificate and submit the land certificate to the community immediately," he said.

He reminded that Indonesia is a big country and this nation is also a big nation with 17,000 islands, 516 districts / cities, 34 provinces, and 714 different tribes.

"Let's keep together the brotherhood, because we are the compatriot of the country and the country, I also send to the Regional Office of BPN and also BPN in the regions to provide fast service to the public in the management of the certificate to be issued," he said. .

It also highlighted BPN's proposal to have a measuring officer who previously had only 2,000 officers, but has now been added to 4,500 gauges and requested that as soon as possible conduct community land measurement.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Dr. Sofyan Djalil, said 3,500 land certificates distributed to the program PTSL community in the island, but who came to receive land certificates as many as 2797 certificates.

"The number of land certificates is likely because there are participants who cannot attend and also people who get more than one land certificate," he said.

Of the 2,797 land certificates submitted, it comes from five districts / cities in Bali namely Badung Regency 1,000 certificates, Tabanan 1.000 certificates, Gianyar 1,000 certificates, Denpasar 300 certified, and Klungkung 200 certificates.

"The President instructed the BPN to assist the community in making the land certificate that has not been registered for it in the maximum amount and the shortest time," he said.

He admitted that only 40 percent of the total land in Indonesia is certified or 46 million certified land, whereas the land area in Indonesia reaches 126 million plots of land.

"But thankfully in Bali all the land belonging to the community already has a certificate," said the man who doubles as Head of the BPN.

Although, some do not yet have certificates, so that it targets on the island of Bali the whole land will be certified and registered in 2019.

"For the year 2017, all the land in the city of Denpasar has been registered and certified," he said as quoted by Antara.

For the regency of Bandung, the target in 2018 is already all registered and certified land. However, in other districts in Bali it is targeted to be fully certified by 2019.

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