Oil and Gas Exploration in 2017 Increases

By : Ridwan And Aldo Bella Putra | Monday, October 02 2017 - 20:00 IWST

Migas Ilustrasi
Migas Ilustrasi

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta, The realization of drilling of oil and gas wells for exploration increased in 2017 when compared to the same activities in 2016. To date, drilling has been done in 40 wells, more than last year which was only 34 wells. Until the end of the year, drilling activities are expected to increase.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Arcandra Tahar expects exploration activities until the end of this year can be done as expected. "We still have 3 more months, if there are things that we can pursue, so this exploration activity can be as we expect," said Arcandra in Jakarta (2/10/2017).

In the dialogue, Deputy of SKK Migas Planning, Jaffee Arizon Suardin explained the performance of oil and gas exploration for the last 10 years.

Meanwhile, Jaffee Arizon, Deputy for Oil and Natural Gas Planning, said that for the realization of 2017, we have just finished revising WP & B 2017 and will start WP & B 2018. This shows the realization is about 22 percent for seismic survey, for nonseismic survey about 70 percent, and for exploration drilling is about 29 percent (from WP & B 2017 as many as 138 wells).

"But the exploration well drilling activities in 2017, better than in 2016," said Jaffee.

In addition to the number of exploration well drilling, the total investment of exploration blocks, based on revised WP & B data, as of the second quarter of 2017 was Rp 11.6 trillion. "The amount is greater than the realization of 2016 which is only worth Rp 4.2 trillion," he said.

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