Celebrate Youth Pledge, Gojek Reintroduce Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza Song In Millenial Generation

By : Hariyanto And Aldo Bella Putra | Tuesday, October 31 2017 - 19:30 IWST

Go-Jek Perkenalkan Kembali Lagu Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza
Go-Jek Perkenalkan Kembali Lagu Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta - In order to maintain and maintain the national fire contained in Indonesia Raya 3 stanza, GO-JEK as part of the nation's children are called to participate in preserving and reintroducing Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza to the young or millennial Indonesia.

With the help of various elements of society, GO-JEK creates a music video service society Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza. This video is an offering from GO-JEK for Indonesia in the context of the Youth Pledge. The community music video was introduced by GO-JEK in a media gathering event attended by Director General of Culture Ministry of Education and Culture, Hilmar Farid and Deputy Head of Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), Ricky Pesik.

"The spirit and prayers of the founders of the nation contained in Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza inspired us young people who are in GO-JEK to keep working, to maintain independence and to help realize the ideals of the founders of a nation that is economically independent Indonesia. As young people, we have a responsibility to preserve Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza to the young generation today," said GO-JEK Indonesia HR Chief Monica Oudang in Jakarta, Monday (30/10/2017).

"We at GO-JEK see music videos as one of the most effective means of reaching today's youth or millenniums. We hope with the music video Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza is more and more young people who live and practice the national values ​​contained in Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza, " she added.

In making the music video of Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza, GO-JEK took various elements of society from singers Andien Aisyah, high school students, fishermen, GO-JEK partners, PwDs, Scout members to various religious adherents in Indonesia.

Director General of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Hilmar Farid, appreciates the steps of GO-JEK to assist the education of Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza.

"The efforts of the nation's children to preserve Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza as do GO-JEK we appreciate. This effort is in line with the Ministry of Education and Culture program which began this year to introduce Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza through schools across the archipelago. Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza is rich in history and values ​​of the nation's struggle to form an independent Indonesia," said Hilmar.

Meanwhile, the same appreciation was also delivered by Ricky Pesik, Deputy Head of Creative Economy Agency. "To speak and convey a message to young people of course the medium should also be favored by young people. We at Bekraf are grateful and appreciative of the efforts of the nation's children who introduce national values ​​by utilizing the medium of 'contemporaries' like music videos," Ricky said.

 The 3rd Indonesia Raya music video will be promoted through various GO-JEK communications channels to driver partners and GO-JEK loyal users including GO-JEK's social media.

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