UGM Most Costs Research Through BOPTN

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Wednesday, January 17 2018 - 16:00 IWST

UGM - Jakarta - Gadjah Mada University receives the most research financing compared to other universities through the State Enterprises Operational Assistance (BOPTN) Scheme for Research and Community Service 2018.

"UGM with the number of research titles as many as 573 titles for this year," said Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) Mohamad Nasir after launching funds BOPTN Research and Community Service 2018 in Jakarta, Tuesday (16/1/2018)

Other universities are Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) with 399 titles, Bogor Institute of Agriculture with 336 titles, University of Indonesia (UI) with 318 titles, Sepuluh Nopember Institute (ITS) with 295 titles, Hasanuddin University with 280 titles, then University of Sumatra North (USU) with 265 titles, Airlangga University with 280 titles, Padjadjaran University with 232 titles, and Diponegoro University with 212 titles.

If grouped with cluster of universities that is independent university with 4,623 titles or funds Rp540 billion, the main college group with 3,645 titles with funds Rp334 billion, middle college group with 3,823 titles with funds Rp218, 9 billion, and groups of higher education with 6,341 titles with a fund of Rp197 billion.

Nasir began this year; his side applied a new paradigm in financing research by using Output Cost Standard (SBK). This is to achieve the targets of international publication indicators, registered intellectual property and prototypes at the Level of Technology Readiness up to seven.

As for community service, 2018 funding is focused on building village activities and able to eliminate the outlawed communities in all strata.

Nasir also requested that researchers and lecturers to the spirit of writing, because one way to introduce the results of research is through published articles.

"By writing the researchers and lecturers can bring the name of Indonesia in the world of scientific circles, we must show the world that Indonesian researchers and lecturers are great inventors and scientists and written works can also be a solution to various problems of society," he said on Antara.

The government launched BOPTN Research and Community Service for 2018 totaling Rp1.29 trillion with a total of 18,433 titles of research, and total funding for community service is Rp138.8 billion with a total of 2,201 titles. The number of research funded more than the previous year, from 15,124 titles to 18,433 titles.

Director General of Strengthening Research and Development Kemenristekdikti, Dimyati, said there is a team of assessors who will examine the proposals and proposals proposed by researchers, so finally got a proposal that can be funded.

"So the assessment team is independent, they are trained and certified internationally so it is fair," Dimyati said.

Mentioned on more research BOPTN funds for State Universities (PTN), Dimyati said that private universities also experienced an increase in the amount of research funded. Dimyati gave the example of Satya Wacana University which this year entered into the top 20 financing of BOPTN fund. with the university under the umbrella of Muhammadiyah.

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