Dulux Let's Colour Supports Tourism Villages in Indonesia

By : Nata Kesuma | Friday, March 17 2023 - 10:30 IWST

PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia)
PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia)

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta, 16 March 2023 – PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia), manufacturer of Dulux paint, supports the empowerment of tourism villages in Indonesia through Let’s Colour project by adding colors to Suryatmajan Village through beautiful murals.

This gives Suryatmajan Village in Yogyakarta recognition as a Tourism Village, assisted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia at the Indonesian Tourism Village Award 2023. The Let's Colour project in Suryatmajan has proven the positive power of paint and colors to transform lives, spaces, and communities in the village.

Today the ceremony takes place to reveal the new look of Suryatmajan Village. The event is also to celebrate Suryatmajan Village's achievement to become a tourist village, as it has met the requirements.

Dr. H. Sandiaga Uno, B.B.A., M.B.A., the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Republic of Indonesia, said, “Tourist Village is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia with huge potential for the development of the tourism sector and the creative economy in Indonesia. We are optimistic that tourist villages can drive the revival of the Indonesian tourism sector, as not only do tourist villages attract visitors, but they also provide new jobs and business opportunities for players in the creative economy in Indonesia. One of the evaluation standards for the Indonesian Tourism Village Award is the ability to draw visitors through unique and authentic attractions, which may include natural and man-made beauty, art, and culture. To increase visitor interest, local communities can enhance the village's appeal by maintaining cleanliness, promoting environmental sustainability, and incorporating eye-catching colors.”

Sumadi, S.H., M.H., Acting Mayor of Yogyakarta, said, “Yogyakarta is one of the main tourist destinations widely known to domestic and foreign tourists. Currently, the tourism industry is starting to bounce and move in a positive direction. Yogyakarta continues to innovate to attract tourists, including by beautifying its villages. We congratulate the Suryatmajan Village community on its recognition as Colourful Suryatmajan Tourists Village. This achievement reflects the positive results of Dulux's Let's Colour project to support the community of Suryatmajan in painting murals on the walls of their houses, fences and roads in an effort to attract more tourists, stimulate the local economy and improve the well-being of the people in the community."

Yudhy Aryanto, Country Commercial Head of PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia), said, “Let's Colour demonstrates the value of our People.Planet.Paint. purpose to make a positive contribution to people and their communities. We believe in the power of paint to transform lives by uplifting communities and making living spaces more fun, livable and enjoyable. In collaboration with the local community, the Let's Colour project in Suryatmajan village will stimulate the economic development of the community. The colorful murals bring new attractions to support the tourism industry in Suryatmajan Village, recognizing Suryatmajan Village as a Colourful Suryatmajan Tourists Village."

The Let's Colour project in Suryatmajan Village included murals on the walls, fences, village roads and house dwellers around Suryatmajan Village. By applying approximately 800 liters of Dulux paint almost 2,700 square meters were painted. The mural painting also involved students who were on fieldwork and Bergada Rakyat Suryatmajan (a soldiers troops of Suryatmajan Village’s residents). With the beautiful murals as a new attraction, Suryatmajan Village is now one of the popular landmarks that attracts more tourists.

Andreas Danar Krissetyanto, Head of Kelompok Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis) in Suryatmajan, Yogyakarta, said, "On behalf of the Suryatmajan Village community, I would like to thank PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia) for the company's support to boost the tourism industry in Suryatmajan Village through murals. With the new lively atmosphere in Suryatmajan Village we get recognition as a Colourful Suryatmajan Tourist Village. We are proud that our village is recognized as one of the village tourists in Indonesia and we look forward to more tourists enjoying the uniqueness and beauty of Suryatmajan Village."

In addition to the beautiful and colorful murals, Suryatmajan Village also offers other tourist attractions. Other tourist activities include Onthel Cycling Heritage Tour, a leisurely bike ride along the Philosophical Axis line area: Krapyak Stage - Yogyakarta Palace -Tugu Pal Putih, mushroom-based food such as mushroom bakpia, mushroom chips, mushroom satay grown by Suryatmajan villagers. Suryatmajan also offers recycled craft workshops, such as brooches or chains of clothing. Suryatmajan Village benefits from more tourist visits, which will ultimately boost the local economy.

Adding colors to Suryatmajan Village is one of the latest Let's Colour programs in Indonesia. Since 2016, the Let's Color program in Indonesia has been held in several cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Palembang, Salatiga, Padang and Yogyakarta.

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