Aim 100 Campus, become Installment Solutions For Students

By : Ahmad Fadli And Aldi Firhand. A | Wednesday, February 14 2018 - 21:52 IWST Special Installment Platform for Students (Photo: DOK Special Installment Platform for Students (Photo: DOK - Jakarta - Technology financial company PT Cicil Solusi Mitra Teknologi aka plans to partner with three major e-commerce companies this year. This is to boost the amount of financing.

Marketing Lead, Yuppie Wietanto said, the current business scheme that runs it has not cooperated directly with e-commerce companies. It's just that students who become customers can choose products that want to be purchased in various e-commerce Indonesia by copying the link of his products and paste the link on platform to know the number of installments every month.

"There are three e-commerce for the early stages, but still can not be published anyone," said Yuppie, Wednesday (14/2/2018).

If there is no crossroads, the cooperation will be signed in the second quarter of this year. This is because, still have to wait for the readiness of its technological information system (IT).

Yuppie said, by entering into a major e-commerce agreement will certainly open up even greater opportunities. However, Yuppie still can not provide more detailed information related to the realization and target of its financing distribution.

"Currently we have served 5,000 students, while the submission is already tens of thousands, but our team of analysts assess first," he said.

This year, will also be more aggressive to expand its business out of Java after last year focused on Java Island. Currently has served about 70 universities in seven major cities in Indonesia and this year the company plans to target targeting to 100 universities spread across 10 cities of Indonesia.

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