Shell Launches LCGC Indonesia Special Car Market Oil

By : Ahmad Fadli And Aldi Firhand. A | Wednesday, June 06 2018 - 21:49 IWST

Shell Lubricants officially launched the four-wheeled Shell Helix Eco engine lubricant product exclusively for the Indonesian market on Tuesday (05/06) in Jakarta.
Shell Lubricants officially launched the four-wheeled Shell Helix Eco engine lubricant product exclusively for the Indonesian market on Tuesday (05/06) in Jakarta. - Jakarta - Shell Lubricants officially launches four-wheeled Shell Helix Eco engine lubricant products specifically for the Indonesian market on Tuesday (05/06) in Jakarta. Shell Helix Eco is a quality lubricant specially designed for modern car engines under 1.200cc or called LCGC car (Low Cost Green Car) / Four-Wheel Motor Vehicle Fuel and Affordability (KBH2).

VP Consumer Brand Helix & Advance PT Shell Indonesia Edward Satrio, said the population of LCGC cars in Indonesia is quite large and increasing. Fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly and more flexible body shape make LCGC car as an Indonesian society choice especially for young families, new workers or those who switch from two-wheeled to four-wheeled vehicles.

"They certainly need a high quality engine lubricant product with low viscosity or viscosity that fits their LCGC . Therefore, Shell Lubricants presents two variants of high quality and efficient lubricant products for their LCGC car that is Shell Helix Eco 0W-20 (Full Synthetic) and Shell Helix Eco 5W-30 (Synthetic), "he said

Both variants Shell Helix Eco is using technology ACT (Active Cleansing Technology) which is claimed to clean the dirt in the engine, so the machine remains clean and last longer.

Not only that, Shell Helix Eco engine lubricant products have been specially formulated to produce fuel efficiency that has met the highest standards.

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