Allocation of 3 Kg LPG Distribution in Bojonegoro Regency Reaches 320 Percent

By : Hariyanto And Aldo Bella Putra | Saturday, June 23 2018 - 18:00 IWST

Tabung Gas (ist)
Tabung Gas (ist) - Bojonegoro - Entering H + 5 Idul Fitri 1439 Hijriah, Pertamina Marketing Operates Region V East Java. Bali, and Nusa Tenggara (Pertamina MOR V Jatimbalinus) continues to optimize the distribution of fuel and LPG to meet the energy needs of the people of East Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara region.

Specifically for the Bojonegoro regency, which was allegedly a 3 kg LPG vacuum, Pertamina's Pertamina Communication & CSR Communications & CSR Manager Unit MOR V Jatimbalinus Rifky Rakhman Yusuf said Pertamina increased the total distribution of 99,120 tubes, equivalent to 320% of the normal allocation during June 2018.

Rifky said the normal daily allocation for Bojonegoro regency is 31,652 tubes. For June 19, 2018, Pertamina distributed 32,840 tubes equivalent to 104% of normal distribution, while the realization that was absorbed in the community and sold at the base level was 31,720 tubes. This means that the stock in the base still left 1120 tubes.

"Extra dropping is a form of anticipation and support to residents of Bojonegoro Regency to fulfill their daily energy needs," he said on Thursday (21/6/2018).

While for East Java Pertamina predicts an increase in average consumption of 7 percent of normal consumption of 94,679 Metric Ton (MT) / month to 101.307 MT / Month.

Non-Subsidized LPG consumption (Bright Gas 5.5 kg, 12 kg Bright Gas and 12 kg LPG) in East Java is also predicted to increase ahead of Eid by 9 percent from 4.593MT / Month to 5.006 MT / month.

"To maintain the availability of stocks in the field, Pertamina also made several intensive steps ranging from Built Up stock in storage, agents to LPG bases and Pertamina has also formed 237 Agent Alert and 2426," he said.

While it is known, the consumption of fuel and LPG during Lebaran year 2018 showed a significant increase. From 30 May to 7 June 2018, Gasoline (Pertalite, Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo) products increased 9 percent on average compared to normal conditions.

As for the product Gasoil (Solar, Dexlite and Pertamina Dex), in the same period, showed a decreasing trend of about 8 percent compared to normal situation. This is mainly due to the operation of large vehicles and industrial sectors during Lebaran holidays.

Pertamina MOR V has also distributed an additional 3 kg LPG supply of 11 percent from normal condition. As for bright gas (5.5 kg and 12 kg) has increased consumption by 17 percent from normal conditions. Distribution of LPG runs normally and stock in agents and bases is monitored enough to meet the needs of the community.

"We are still running a task force (task force) to monitor the stock and distribution of fuel & LPG up to H + 15 Eid, so that people can run Eid holiday comfortably and safely For people who want to know Kiosk service point, Motorist, standby can contact Pertamina contact at 1-500-000.So also with complaints will be difficulty getting fuel & LPG, "said Rifky. (bj)

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