President Jokowi Promises Visit NTT Rote Island This Year

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Sunday, August 13 2017 - 21:11 IWST

5166 - Jember - President Joko Widodo promises to visit Rote Island which is the southernmost in the Territory of Indonesia.

"In the end I have visited all, only Rote Island in the southern tip of Indonesia that I have not visited, Insha Allah this year I am there," said President Jokowi during his visit at Pondok Pesantren Al Amien in Jember, Saturday night. 12/8/2017)

Jokowi said he needed to visit the island to find out what the island is like.

He mentioned when he visited the island Miangas was surprised because the island is only inhabited by about 200 heads of families.

"If there are big waves they cannot go anywhere, food delivery is too late, fuel is also too late," he said.

The President said that Indonesia has many islands, languages, and tribes. There are 17,000 islands, 714 tribes and many languages.

"This I convey to foreign leaders when I meet them including King Salman, then they ask if President Jokowi has visited all," said Jokowi.

He also admitted not all the islands are visited but at the end of Sabang, Merauke and Miangas have visited all.

"If the province has all I visited, for the district / city has about 60 percent," he said.

Rote Island is an island in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Rote is the most southern part of Indonesia The island is famous for the peculiarities of palm cultivation, coastal nature tourism, sasando music, and custom hat Ti'i Langga.

Rote along with small islands around it as a district with the name Rote Ndao Regency through Law No. 9 of 2002.

Meanwhile, during a visit to Al Amien Ponpes located in Dusun Kebon Sari, Sabran Village, Ambulu Sub-district, Jembe District, the President also gave direction to the students and santriwati.

The President also gave three bikes to santri and santriwati who successfully answered the President's question.

Meanwhile, the caretaker Ponpes Al Amien KH Imam Gozali expressed his gratitude for the visit of the President to Ponpes.

"Ponpes was established since 1955 and until now the mosque here is still antique, has not changed since 1955," said Gozali.

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