The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing Participates in the Success of Independent Exports for Indonesia's Economic Progress

By : Nata Kesuma | Monday, August 16 2021 - 15:40 IWST

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo - ​The release of exports of agricultural products from 17 Indonesian export export gates on August 14, 2021, entitled "Export Independence" was symbolically carried out by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Joko Widodo from the Bogor Palace and the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo from the Tanjung Perak container terminal, Surabaya.

The total value of exports of Indonesian agricultural products to 61 countries including China is Rp. 7.29 trillion.

In his remarks, the President of the Republic of Indonesia said that agriculture is one sector that can survive in the midst of a pandemic situation. The President of the Republic of Indonesia also emphasized that Indonesian agricultural products could continue to be pushed to non-traditional markets.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia in his speech said that investment and exports are the keys to achieving accelerated national economic recovery.

The Indonesian Ambassador was present along with the ranks of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, the Indonesian Consulate General in Shanghai, ITPC Shanghai and representatives of Chinese importers, namely the Chairman of the China Agriculture Wholesale Market Association (CAWA), Mr. Zengjun Ma and CEO of Yan Ty Ty Group, Ms. Lily.

In a dialogue session with the Minister of Agriculture, the Indonesian Ambassador said that based on Chinese Customs data, Indonesia's export performance to China, especially the agricultural sector for 2020 and the first semester of 2021, experienced a significant increase.

In 2020 the export value of Indonesian agricultural products to China reached USD 828.12 million or around Rp. 11.9 trillion, grew by 86.95% compared to the total export value in 2019. As for the first semester of 2021, the total export value of Indonesian agricultural products to China has reached USD 400.03 million or around Rp. 5.7 trillion, grew 41.04% compared to the total value of exports in the first semester of 2020.

The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing continues to hold promotions both offline and online, including through digital platforms and online business meetings as well as through various marketplaces in China to continue to increase exports of Indonesian products.

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