DKI Provincial Government Held Cooperation on Private Parties Improve Health Education

By : Chodijah Febriyani And Aldo Bella Putra | Tuesday, August 29 2017 - 14:00 IWST

Pemprov DKI Kerja Sama Rangkul Pihak Swasta Tingkatkan Edukasi Kesehatan
Pemprov DKI Kerja Sama Rangkul Pihak Swasta Tingkatkan Edukasi Kesehatan - Jakarta - Various public health problems that have occurred in DKI Jakarta have encouraged the collaboration effort between DKI Jakarta Provincial Government with PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia and PT. Source Alfaria Trijaya (Alfamart).

This collaboration is officially stated in the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the three parties today, to carry out the community education program that is, Panggung Kampung Sehat (PANGKAS) for the next year.

The collaborative program includes efforts to improve community knowledge on health issues through continuous education. The diseases that will be the focus in educational activities include tuberculosis (TB), HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, mental health, maternal and child health, and oral and dental health.

 The signing ceremony of this Cooperation Agreement also provides educational activities of PANGKAS directly for the community with the topic of tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS. In addition, on the same day, City Hall will be open for people who want to know more about the various diseases that will be included in the education program PANGKAS, as well as early detection of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases served by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office.

Based on data of Indonesia health profile 2016, DKI Jakarta Province has 340 Puskemas spread in 44 sub-districts, which has been doing various promotive, preventive and innovative efforts to the community through the activities of Tap Doors Serve with Heart (KPLDH).

 The same data source mentioned that in 2016, there were 10.529 new tuberculosis (TB) and Basil Tahan Asam (BTA) positive cases, with productive age (23-44 years old) being the largest contributor. For HIV cases, throughout 2014-2016, there were 16,565 new cases; so the cumulative total of HIV patients from 1987 to 2016 amounted to 45,355 people.

 Referring to the above data, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta is aware of the need for more strategic and collaborative efforts, in which all parties of society must be involved in education and disease control efforts that continue to grow in the daily life of the community. This is in harmony with the Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS) which is a national movement in promotive and preventive efforts to encourage people to live a healthy life.

 In his address, Djarot Saiful Hidayat, Jakarta Governor asserted, "We welcome the private sector, such as PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia and PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya who are committed to direct health education to the community in order to have knowledge and awareness to maintain health on an ongoing basis. We realize that massive efforts to uphold public health need to be continuously done, so that the citizens of Jakarta become productive and qualified human beings for the development of the nation's capital. In line with GERMAS principles that involve all components of society, from individuals, families, communities, academics, businesses, and governments, we hope that this collaboration will also increase awareness, willingness and ability of people to behave in a healthy way to improve the quality of life.

Related to this public health effort, Lakish Hatalkar, President Director of PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia stated, "As a company that has been involved in health for over 130 years, Johnson & Johnson always strives to make breakthroughs and commit more to support community health efforts. Our commitment to public health is at every stage, ranging from promoting, preventing, controlling and treating diseases - especially the burden of the Indonesian nation. This time, through the Panggung Kampung Sehat (PANGKAS) program, we strive to provide education in the closest and most meaningful way to the community so they can maintain their own health and their families. We hope this will be the beginning of creating a healthier, holistic society in Indonesia. "

 As a partner in this collaboration, Corporate Affairs Director of PT. Alfaria Trijaya (Alfamart) source, Solihin, stated that this effort is a contribution of the company to create a healthier society in Jakarta. He explained, the company provides a community space called Rumah Albi in several Alfamart stores that have two floors. The community space can be used free by the community around the store for positive activities such as traditional dance exercises, joint study, RT meeting, to seminars and training.

"The stage of this healthy village, one of which will be held in the community space in Alfamart shop. In the Jakarta area itself, there are about 35 Albi Houses that are spread close to the community. It becomes our strength to reach out and educate them. This commitment complements the other efforts we have made in realizing the company's service focus as a community store that is close and beneficial to the community, especially around the Alfamart store," he explained.

 The PANGKAS program will be conducted in 22 locations of Jakarta Provincial Government, such as City Hall, Ragunan Wildlife Park, DKI Jakarta Provincial Pavilion at TIMII, Museum of Old Town, Child Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA), and Albi House PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya.

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