Pertamina Retail II Wants Pertalite Sales Rise in Four Cities

By : Hariyanto And Aldo Bella Putra | Monday, September 04 2017 - 19:00 IWST

Pertalite Ilustrasi ( dok)
Pertalite Ilustrasi ( dok) - Jayapura - The management of PT Pertamina (Persero) Retail II Papua continues to increase the sales of Pertalite in four districts that are the duty area of ​​Biak Numfor, Nabire, Mimika and Yapen.

"I want in the four districts the total consumption of Pertalite can reach 50% .In the absence of Yapen there is no pertalite, so in the other three districts should be able to cover," said Sales Executive Retail II Papua Pertamina MOR VIII, Fresly Leo Chandra Hutapea, Sunday / 9/2017).

He said that although the four districts have not been fully sold pertalite, namely in Yapen, it believes that the target set can be achieved. The remaining time in 2017, Pertamina will continue to create programs that can encourage premium users to switch to Pertalite.

"Until today the realization is only 48%, so other areas must be higher again to cover the absence of sales of Pertalite in Yapen," he said.

"During this premium consumption in Nabire 70 kl / day, then Mimika 80 kl / hari, Biak Numfor 60 kl / hari, Yapen 35 kl / hari," he continued.

Fresly explains, with the increasing number of vehicles that use Pertalite it will be able to make engine vehicles more powerful and more efficient.

"So far the public knows the premium with Ron 88 and Pertamax with Ron 92, and now comes a rally of 90 with ron 90. Its specialty is the price is not expensive," he said.

"In addition to more efficient, there are also other benefits for the region, because the sulfur is lower so that air pollution is also better and this helps keep our city's life more cleanly," said Fresly. (Ant)

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