Chinese Investors Immediately Build 300 Room Hotel in KEK Morotai

By : Aldi Firhand Alqudri | Saturday, July 22 2017 - 22:58 IWST

kepulauan morotai
kepulauan morotai - Jakarta- The company, codenamed KIJA, will build a marine-based tourism industry, fishery and agri-business and logistics industries. From the development of Morotai, this region is expected to be able to play as a hub for Eastern Indonesia.

Destinations Morotai North Maluku squirms, big investors began to glance at the potential tourist attractions that have been settled as a priority destination or 10 New Bali. In fact, there are already committed to invest up to Rp 13 trillion

Chairman of PT Jababeka Setyono Djuandi Darmono revealed, two weeks ago has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with one of the biggest players from China in the field of travel and tourism which has 60 star hotels in China.

"They are committed to build 300 hotel rooms within 1 year and 100 villas on 100 hectares of land for starters. They are famous for bringing many tourists from China to the world, "said Darmono in 2017's Calendar of Event Wonderful Morotai Island Festival (CoE WMIF) at the Hall of Sapta Pesona Building, Kemenpar Office, Friday (21/4/2017).

"In July, hopefully there could be a declaration of Special Economic Zone (KEK) of tourism in Morotai," said Darmono.

Darmono added that the investment held in the first phase of approximately US $ 100 million or equivalent to Rp 1.3 trillion. They promised to gradually raise up to US $ 1 billion or equivalent to Rp 13 trillion.

"Of course, things will go smoothly if this first project they feel welcomed, fully supported, and successfully bring foreign tourists to Morotai," added Darmono.

PT Jababeka Tbk continues to expand the development of industrial parks in potential areas, one of which is in Morotai, North Maluku

Meanwhile, Kemenpar and Lemenhub have committed that the airport will be improved. Runway will be extended and widened to meet the standard 730 aircraft that could carry 130 passengers.

"This airport is needed to become an international airport so tourists do not have to stop by to Manado because it will hamper the number of visitors more," said Darmono.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said he was happy to get this news. Himself said the news of MoU is far more important than his speech at the time. "If you know this I do not need a speech anymore. Because the news of the MoU was more encouraging. In this way Morotai will soon become a world class destination, "said Minister Arief Yahya.

Minister Arief revealed, currently Morotai's destinations are still weak in many ways. According to him, Morotai can not only rely on the strength of its natural beauty or marine tourism only.

"If you only rely on nature tourism or the sea is not good. Must be reinforced 3A. Morotai began to fix its accessibility by seeking its airport to become an international airport, the construction of its homestay has also been running. And the last of his attractions must be multiplied by his world class, "explained Minister Arief Yahya.

Minister Arief Yahya added that the acceleration of Morotai development is also in the effort to make Morotai as a world-class destination by relying on the potential of nature, culture, and man-made tourism and supported by elements of attraction, amenitas, and adequate accessibility.

"As a priority destination, the target of foreign tourists visit to Morotai this year is 11 thousand, targeted to increase to 500 thousand in 2019," said Minister of Foreign Affairs Arief Yahya

Morotai KEK Developed Like Sunnylands, California

In a limited meeting some time ago, President Joko Widodo requested that the local government of North Maluku can focus on optimizing the leading sectors of the island province.

"As an archipelagic province I see North Maluku having superior sectors that can be optimized again for marine, fishery, and processing industries and the private sector," said President Joko Widodo when opening a limited meeting (ratas) at the Presidential Office of Jakarta.

The limit discusses the evaluation of national strategic projects and priority programs in North Maluku province.

The President specifically highlighted the construction of a special economic zone (KEK) of Morotai which should be supported by good infrastructure such as ports, power plants, logistics storage warehouses and cool storage.

"Also education and vocational training so that we can get qualified human resources and character," said the President.

Based on Presidential Regulation No. 3 of 2016 on the Acceleration of the Implementation of National Strategic Projects established on January 8, 2016, there are 7 national strategic projects in North Maluku, namely Trans Morotai Ring Road, revitalization of Sultan Babullah airport, Ternate; Development of Wayabula Port, Morotai Islands.

"Before I wanted to remind myself of what I have told on several occasions in every region, every province should focus on developing what is seed in the region," added the President.

He cited Sunnylands, a famous tourist area in California, United States as a complete souvenir.

"I've often sampled Sunnylands in California, for example: The government is only focused on golf tourism destinations and they are the best destinations in the world, if not mistaken, the city has 34 golf courses not only developed in a focused manner, the infrastructure is also directed toward There and it turns out that they can live from the best golf destinations in the world.We want all the provinces have the same superiority so that they have competitive power in regional and global level, "added the President

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