Baznas 2018 Targets Zakat Collection Rp8, 77 Trillion

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Saturday, October 07 2017 - 14:00 IWST

Wapres Jusuf Kalla, Menag, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Ketua BAZNAS, Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA (Foto Humas)
Wapres Jusuf Kalla, Menag, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Ketua BAZNAS, Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, MBA, CA (Foto Humas) - Jakarta - National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) in 2018 targets national collection of zakah amounting to Rp8, 77 trillion, said Chairman of the National Zakah Coordination Meeting 2017 Mundzir Suparta in Jakarta, Friday (6/10/2017)

"Encouraging the adjustment of provincial and regency / municipal Baznas leaders in accordance with Law No. 23 of 2011, which is to increase national zakat collection with a minimum growth of 25 percent each year and the target of national zakah collecting in 2018 of Rp8.77 trillion," he said.

While zakat zoning target, he said, to increase by 20 percent in 2018. Mundzir's statement refers to the Resolution of National Zakat Coordination Meeting 2017 which was followed by members of Baznas throughout Indonesia.

The resolution, he said, also seeks to increase the number of individual zakat / muzaki donors to 5,850,000 and muzaki bodies to 5,000 by 2018.

In that effort, he added, it is also necessary to increase cooperation with various parties in the publication, socialization and education of tithe through the official zakat amil, namely Baznas and amil zakat institution (LAZ).

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