PT Pelni Prepare Four Vessels Serve Holiday Flow

By : Herry Barus And Aldi Firhand. A | Wednesday, January 03 2018 - 14:45 IWST

PT Pelni (Persero)
PT Pelni (Persero) - Ambon- PT.Pelni Ambon Branch prepares four white vessels to serve the reverse flow in Eastern Indonesia (KTI) especially the passenger flow from Ambon to Papua.

"So we have prepared four ships that will serve the reverse flow that is expected to occur on Friday 5 January 2018," said Chief Operating Officer of PT.Pelni Branch Ambon Djasman, Wednesday (3/1/2017)

The four ships each KM.Tidar, KM.Ngapulu, KM.Cerimai, KM.Kalimutu will sail from the port of Ambon to Papua by visiting the port of Sorong until Jayapura.

After that return again to Ambon and back again to Papua, so after arriving in Ambon no longer sail to the west but back east.

"Of the four ships are two of them KM.Tidar, KM.Ngapulu after arriving at the port of Ambon must serve passengers to the Southeast Maluku will return after sailing again to Papua," he said.

Asked the development of homecoming flow which will happen, Djasman said, there will be no passenger accumulation, because with the rekajasa route everything will be served well.

"So the passengers can decompose, even able to wait for the ship back, and it happened since December 24 with the trajectory of the route, so passengers do not impose in one departure date it must be sailing," he said.

Moreover, in the reversal of Christmas and New Year nine route occurred rekajasa, he added, so passengers will not accumulate.

"What is clear until now there are no prospective passengers Pelni ship who missed the ticket, because everything is well served," he said.

Thus, on January 5, 2018 there was a reverse flow of two ships that will sail from Ambon to Papua namely KM.Tidar and KM.Cerimai, while on January 8, 2018 KM.Ngapulu will sail to Southeast Maluku.

Djasman added that in addition to the four ships in the next day there are also ship KM.Gunung Dempo who will stop at the port after a voyage from the port of Makassar to Ambon and continue to Sorong, Manokwari continue to Jayapura and back again to the western region does not stop the port of Ambon.

"But it is very profitable because it can help backflow in the eastern region, because only a single voyage, KM.Gunung Dempo is not back again to the eastern route, just once this alone," he said. (Ant)

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