Here are Seven Winners of Adinegoro Journalism Award 2017

By : Hariyanto And Aldo Bella Putra | Thursday, January 25 2018 - 15:00 IWST

Anugerah Jurnalistik Adinegoro 2017
Anugerah Jurnalistik Adinegoro 2017 - Jakarta - Anugerah Jurnalistik Adinegoro 2017 held by the Indonesian Journalist Union (PWI) Center has found the winner. The six categories of Adinegoro Journalistic Award 2017 are Journalistic Indepth Reporting (print media), Photo Journalism (print media), Caricature Journalism (print media), News Features Television, News Features radio, and News Features cyber media. The works are individual works published in 2017.

In addition, there is a Special Award for Cyber-Terinovative Media, which is given to the cyber media as an institution.

The winners of Anugerah Jurnalistik Adinegoro 2017 will get prizes of Rp50 million, trophies, and charter, while Media Siber Terinovatif gets prizes of Rp10 million, trophies, and charter. Prizes will be submitted on National Day 2018, February 7-9, 2018 in Padang, West Sumatra.

1. Indepth Reporting Categories

The winner of the Indepth Reporting Category is Dinamika dan Romantika in Sepadan Negeri (1-10) by Muhammad Amin published in Riau Pos Daily on December 18, 2017. The work tells about the remote indigenous communities in Riau.

Three of the Tribes of the Sea, Tribe Akit, and the Indigenous tribe settled on the coast and became an alienated tribe. In the midst of an atmosphere that is still minimal, accept the invasion of culture and values ​​from the air. The attack did not change the culture of society. They keep the NKRI.

This winning work is competing with the other 4 nominees, the Haram Money in the State Treasury of Romdani (Kaltim Pos), the Left Unpaid Asset (1-3) Abandoned 1-3 (Irene Sarwindaningrum, Kompas Daily), When Cigarettes Seize Nutrition Poor (Dina Konstantia Manafe, Suara Pembaruan Daily), and We Lost Kampung Halaman, The Government Is Not Serious, Learn Economically Independent (Muhamad Taufik, Harian Surya).

The jury (Marah Sakti Siregar, Putut Trihusodo, Dr.Artini) praised the number of participants far more than in previous years and was dominated by participants from outside Java. The choice of topic and quality of writing is also quite good and meet journalistic writing standards. Both the composition, magnitude, level of difficulty, and graphic design already meet the standards.

Unfortunately not all works really mereprestasikan journalistic work depth (indepth). Most of them are reporting and feature journalistic work, said Marah Sakti Siregar, Chair of the Jury Council.

"The main disadvantage is in in-depth and comprehensive research. For example, highlighting one problem in this country, but not yet doing the same research happen in neighboring countries. In fact, the reality is better condition, and allegedly almost all the conditions, ranging from nature, human figures, values ​​and culture is not much different from the conditions here," said Marah Sakti.

2. Photo Journalism

Photo Category Winners is a journalistic photo entitled Critical Phase of Raka Denny's work published in Harian Jawa Pos on November 29, 2017. The photo depicts Students of SMP 2 Karangasem preparing to go to school with the background of Mount Agung Bali which was spraying ash.

The jury consisting of Enny Nuraheni (Chairman of the Jury), Tagor Siagian, and Melly Riana Sari agreed to choose the photo with the reason the photo was taken in a natural situation that shows difficulties. In addition, technically there is a moving moment when the child rides the vehicle makes the photo alive. "This photo is full of news value, because in the midst of critical situations, these children still choose school," added Enny Nuraheni.

In addition to the Critical Phase (Raka Denny-Jawa Pos), there are 7 other nominees, namely Queue ID el (Wisnu Widiantoro-Harian Kompas), Payungi Raja Arab (Randi Tri Kurniawan-Harian Rakyat Merdeka), Blusukan Campaign (Galih Pradipta-LKBN Between ), Impact of Severe Damaged Road at Ogan Komering Ilir (Adrian Fajriansyah-Kompas Daily), Pilkada 2017 (Galih Pradipta-LKBN Antara), Flag Ceremony (Aya Sugianto-Harian Banjarmasin Pos) and Arrival at Cipinang (Arya Manggala Nuswantoro-Harian Media Indonesia ).

3. Caricature journalism

The winner of Karikatur Journalism Category is Anti Pancasila by Budi Setyo Widodo, published in Media Indonesia daily, July 19, 2017.

His work is very simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, and highly communicative, easily understood by everyone, easily understood by everyone, and qualifies as a good caricature work among other works, explains Gatot Eko Cahyono, Chairman of the Jury Categories of Caricature Journalism.

The juries of the Caricature Journalism Category, namely Gatot Eko Cahyono, Budi G.Sadikin, and Dolorosa Sinaga chose works based on topics, messages, visual language, composition, and image quality.

"The work is getting more and more good works of caricature, both technical and ideas, from the talented young cartoonists," said Gatot Eko Cahyono.

According to Dolorosa Sinaga, this year's participants are happy because there are new names and an explorative expression approach, picture and writing elements appear simpler, but have communicative power.

"The issue of corruption, discrimination, diversity, nationalism and criticism of the government, the performance and the quality of humanity of the House of Representatives continues to be a very strong concern in this year's caricature expression." Some works expressed criticism of the young generation living in the age of visual communication technology. not appearing this year is a gender issue," said Dolorosa Sinaga.

4. Television Journalism

Winner of Television Journalism Category is dealing with Death in Kaseralau "by Rivo Pahlevi Akbarsyah published in Trans 7 on October 10, 2017.
According to the jury, namely Yasirwan Uyun (Chairman), Union Z.Lubis, and Nurjaman Mochtar, based on the topics discussed, the work deserves a high score either because it touches the interests of the wider community who do not have access roads to the surrounding villages.

"The impressions are also very communicative so that the relevant apparatus can immediately build village roads so that the economy can grow and facilitate the villagers to get better education and health services in nearby villages," said Yasirwan Uyun.

The composition and image quality are also very good, can show in detail the difficult terrain that villagers have to go through if they want to do activities to the neighboring village.

"Through the angle of shooting, it can be seen how difficult the people who accompanied the fear when going down and up the stairs as high as 400 meters without security so that the boundary between survival and death that lurked very thin," said Yasirwan Uyun.

The Z.Lubis Union added that although this theme has been widely worked out, this work can still show excellence aside from its location as well as the emphasis on the contradiction between dreams of improving education and the facts of minimal infrastructure.

5. Category of Radio Journalism

The winner of Radio Journalism Category is "Saya Indonesia" by Surya S.Thalib S.AP published in Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Nunukan Station, North Kalimantan on December 16, 2017.

This work depicts coverage to Sebatik Island, one of Indonesia's outer islands, directly bordered by Malaysia. This is where one of the battles between Indonesian and Malaysian troops during the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation.

Cover humanist describes the difficulty of traveling to successfully meet local people. The area, although it should be a development priority, is still very apprehensive today. After all, the people still claim themselves, I am Indonesian.

The jury, namely Errol Jonathans (Chairman of the Jury), Awanda Erna, and Rita Sri Hastuti assess in terms of theme / point of view, completeness of journalism / code of ethics, language, and presentation.

"I am Indonesia competing with two other works that both have a high-value journalistic valuation in the judging, which is picking up Asa Sikerei Kids (Classy Radio, Padang) and Hunting Gold Ampas in Grasberg (KBR) .But 'I Indonesia' more in conformity with the feel of Anugerah Adinegoro this year, namely 'Gazing Back NKRI'," said Awanda Erna.

Awanda expressed his excitement because the overall participants of the radio category this time understand that the duration of the radio broadcast package is no longer too long, the longest 15 minutes. "This is in line with the listener's average listening habits of only 1 3 hours / day, in big cities even shorter," said Awanda Erna.

Chairman of the Jury, Errol Jonathans, expressed his joy with the increasing number of participants Anugerah Adinegoro Radio Journalism category this time. "Although not all participants are in the form of news radio or talk radio, the passion of journalism is heard through the works sent to compete," said Errol Jonathans.

In addition, according to Errol Jonathans, the participants of the radio category this time really represents the face of Indonesia scattered in various regions of Indonesia and Asia. The heterogeneity range of ideas and point of view works is also rich.

"The work of the participants tells the struggle about justice, the power of power, radicalism, nationalism and history packed through the deepening of the story behind the news, the investigation of facts, the hidden historical truths, to the exposure of human interest that characterizes radio features," says Errol Jonathans, who always follows the early development of Adinegoro's jury.

Errol expects, in front of the radio generalist even more skilled add weight journalism so parallel to the existence of radio-radio journalism format. It is also hoped that Indonesian radio journalism will be more fertile in daily broadcast. Products and services increasingly condensed voices of public aspirations.

6. Category of Cyber ​​Journalism

Judging Cyber ​​Journalistic Category assigns a Promise to Papua by A. Haryo Damardono, published in Kompas.ID on March 1, 2017.

The work is about the waiting of the Papuan people for the promise of the central government, especially related to the campaign of President Joko Widodo during the campaign that Papua is part of Indonesia to be considered. The promise is only now beginning to be filled by the President little by little. Nevertheless, in its limitations, although the infrastructure is late to build, the people still feel part of NKRI.

Promise for Papua to compete with embroidered NKRI Retrograde from Tanah Bumbu by Sri Iswati (, December 30, 2017) and Crunching Malaysia Goods Enter Indonesia via Entikong PLBN (Danu Damarjati, Detik.Com, December 25, 2017).

The jury, namely Wina Armada Sukardi (Chairman), Teguh Wicaksono, and Katherina M. Saukoly chose the winners with the following notes: Topics that were chosen concerning the interests of the people, are inspirational, constructive, and inspiring the formation of national character and glue the identity of NKRI. In addition, it contains a message, informative, in depth presentation. Another advantage, the language is clear, clear, stylish, and unique.

Which is also important complete in cyber format. Including meeting the 5 W +1 H news requirements, says Wina Armada Sukardi. Also structured in the presentation. Presentation of writing in print and cyber media should be no difference, added Wina Armada.
The jury reminded that cyber media is an integrated teamwork with many elements of digital terminology, creativity, video streaming, and other support.

"More views related to digital, more quality in the presentation," said Teguh Wicaksono.

There are at least three creative media used, namely text, photos, and video. In addition, the visual language display must be strong and visible.

7. Special Media Award Terberovatif Cyber

When the Adinegoro Journalistic Award invites the participants to submit their work, on this special award the Jukut Nukman Lutfie, Manuel Irwanputera, and Merdi Sofansyah are observing silently, without inviting the participants.

The Special Award for this Terinovative Cyber ​​Media is given to Tirto.Id an up-and-coming news, article, infographic site. There are two news sites that enter the nominees and highlighted sharply by the jury in a certain period of time in 2017, namely Tirto.Id and Kumparan.Com. The jury finally saw that Tirto.Id had more power on content and features, said Merdi Sofansyah, representing the jury.

Observations on the two news sites are based on consistent content that carries the comprehensive 5W + 1H principle and according to the rules of journalism, the completeness of the news with the display of graphic info-info that allows readers to understand the context of a news, and independent in its redaction policy.

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