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Jaya Suprana
Jaya Suprana - Jakarta - HOAX is not a new object because it is essentially the same as a 'lie'. The Big Indonesian Dictionary does not lie in using false words as inconsistent with actual things (circumstances, etc.) or lies or not actual false aliases.

Lying has been present since the living things began to try to deny or disguise reality. Instinctively, lies are used by wildlife to disguise their true appearance, in order to save themselves from the threat of distress or for prey on other creatures. The chameleon has the ability to disguise the color of his body so that it is visually difficult to detect in similar colored environments.

Various types of fish and sea animals coelenterata able to disguise the form of self-appropriate environment in such a way that is difficult to be seen by their prey candidates. This type of dasypodidae species has the ability to lie with the mock to avoid being ignored by other animals that potentially prey on them.
In essence, a lie is one of the instinctive mechanisms for survival but specifically in homo sapiens species is often used for a particular purpose in social interaction.

In the Ramayana story, the figure of Kijang Kencana is the creative work of Rahwana's lies so that Rama and Lesmana leave Sinta alone in the middle of the jungle to be easily abducted. Rahwana's ruthless lie is beheading two of his own children to declare him as the head of Rama and Lesmana for Sinta to be married to Ravana.

In the mythology of the people of the archipelago, lies are often used to avoid the threat of disaster such as Dayang Sumbi lie to Sangkuriang failed to make a boat in one night for not marry his own mother.

Actually Yudhisthira did not want to lie but when the war Bharatayudha had forced Krishna to lie to swordsman Kurawa, Durna can be destroyed. Durna himself damned for ever lying against Bambang Ekalaya who is actually very loyal to Durna who is considered as his teacher.

Srikandi in the Mahabharata version lied to his wife that she is actually a woman while in the version of Purwa Puppet is often lied to her husband, Arjuna who likes to cheat.

The deeds of the gods of Greek mythology, especially Zeus, are full of lies especially in the affairs of lust.
The Trojan horse of the Odysseus idea is an example of military lies to conquer the enemy.

Camouflage by soldiers disguised as trees in the woods of Birnam in Shakespeare's masterpiece, Macbeth is a military lie stance still practiced in today's guerilla warfare. So Sun Tzu believes that lying creativity is absolutely necessary to win the war. While a powerful hoax as a killer weapon of opponents characters in political warfare.

In the reality of today's civilization, the lie is preoccupied in persada Nusantara. Cases of corruption (the caught) undoubtedly vibrantly laced with creativity lie begins from broken truth, pretending to forget, feign sick, political barter, to disguise in order to be able to freely out jail to roam abroad cruises. Lies rampant in times of election campaigns in which the people are all-out lied to a fleeting sale promise by those who want to be elected by the people in order to reign on the throne of power. After the election was over, the grandiose promise of the election proved to be a lie.

Those who have been elected suffer from amnesia-aka forget-land disease so that only busy utilizing the power for the sake of political parties, groups and personal self-pretending to forget that in the election had promised to the people to persistently fight for the interests of the people.

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