Kopassus Must Innovate to Face the Development of world

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Tuesday, April 17 2018 - 21:32 IWST

Ilustrasi TNI
Ilustrasi TNI

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta - TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, asserted, Special Forces Command soldiers (Kopassus) must be able to innovate and adapt in the face of various times.

"Kopassus soldiers must be pioneers and at the forefront of innovations related to special operations in the TNI," said the TNI Commander in his speech at the 66th anniversary of Kopassus with the theme 'Realizing the Disciplined, Professional and Loved Peasants Kopassus With Based on Morals, Morality and Integrity ', at the Hall of Command, Cijantung, East Jakarta, Monday (04/16/2018)

The TNI Commander revealed that 66 years ago Kopassus was born of a determination and thought of a 23-year-old Slamet Riyadi with his critical analysis having been able to think of the importance of having a special small unit.

"Currently, we may not take it as something extraordinary, but if it is related to the current context, then Slamet Riyadi's thinking is essentially an innovative leap in his time," he said.

Furthermore, the TNI Commander said that Kopassus warriors must be able to integrate the mental and physical strength of Commando soldiers with the application of cutting-edge technology.

According to him, mental and physical strength is the basic capital that the standard must always be maintained, but with innovation and adaptation.

"By maintaining our mental and physical abilities and applying advanced technology appropriately, we have provided the best opportunities for Special Forces members to succeed in carrying out various missions," he said.

The former Air Force Chief of Staff (KSAU) said that during the 66 years of service, Kopassus had incised gold ink records in carrying out any mission entrusted by the state, including DI / TII, PRRI / Permesta, Dwikora Operation, Trikora Operation, Crushing G 30 S / PKI, Operation Woyla, Mapenduma Operation, Operation Somalia, Operation Tinombala, arrived in Operation Bandage Liberation in Banti Papua end of 2017 ago.

"The success of the various kalagan reflects individual qualities as well as Kopassus units based on the values ​​of knights, militancy, loyalty, and of course professionalism," he said.

According to the TNI Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, so far Kopassus soldiers have three things that become the principle of action that is Brave, True and Successful.

Dare to have a high Knight and Militancy soul, True because Loyalty is perpendicular in the chain of command and Success because for 66 years Kopassus always apply professionalism as a value that is not negotiable, either in every operational activity or training, said Hadi.

Former Inspector General of Defense Ministry, as reported by Antara, he advised that Kopassus soldiers should not become high-hearted soldiers and far from the people with all the skills and achievements that have been achieved.

"Remember, all Kopassus's achievements and achievements are unlikely to be achieved without the support and prayers of all Indonesians," he said.

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