Slowing Down, Glass Sheet Association Urges Government Immediate Enforce Compulsory SNI for Glass Isolation and Security

By : Ridwan And Aldi Firhand. A | Tuesday, June 19 2018 - 19:56 IWST

Industrial sheet glass. (Foto Ist)
Industrial sheet glass. (Foto Ist) - Jakarta, domestic sheet glass industry is still experiencing slowdown, because retail and field work has stopped.

This was revealed by Chairman of the Association of Glass Sheet and Safety (AKLP) Yustinus Gunawan when contacted in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/06/2018).

"As the conditions slow down, the industry is still convinced that the government can implement President Regulation No. 40/2016 related to the decline in industrial gas prices to maintain the credibility of the President," said Justin.

It is said Justin, since the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 40 of 2016 until now the glass industry still has not felt the decline in gas prices that have been promised.

In fact, he continued, the decline in industrial gas prices could hamper deindustrialization which until now continues in the country.

"As an illustration, the price of industrial gas in West Java to date is still USD 9.1 per MMBTU, and in East Java USD 8.2 per MMBTU," he said.

In addition, Yustinus added, the Association urged the government to immediately accelerate the enforcement of compulsory Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for insulating glass and safety glass in buildings.

"Product Certification Institute of Ceramics Center is in the process of adding the scope of certification to the National Accreditation Committee This certification of insulating glass is very necessary to support energy conservation on the building, which is regulated in the Minister of PUPR Regulation No. 2 of 2015 on Green Building," explained the man who is often called Yus.

Related to SNI Safety glass for building, he added, AKLP has submitted to National Standardization Agency (BSN) to be included in National Program of Technical Regulation. In this case the implementation of SNI is mandatory, because it concerns the safety of building users.

"Currently, BSN has not responded, BSN may now be summarizing input from other associations or institutions. After the internal summary and consideration of BSN is completed, BSN needs to coordinate with the relevant Ministries and Institutions as technical coaches, which determines which SNI is applicable mandatory, "he explained.

According to Yistinus, later SNI Safety glass for buildings is voluntary, and national producers already have SPPT SNI (SNI Marking Product Certificate).

"It means that the national industry is able to apply compulsory SNI," explained Yus.

Therefore, Justin hopes that the Ministry of Industry will immediately process the regulation on the application of SNI for the isolation glass compulsorily.

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