Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Prioritizes Commitment to Protect the Environment in Realizing Sustainable Palm Oil

By : Abraham Sihombing | Thursday, June 15 2023 - 10:14 IWST

The oil palm plantation atmosphere owned by PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk during the oil palm harvest. (Photo: HRD Sawit Sumbermas Sarana)
The oil palm plantation atmosphere owned by PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk during the oil palm harvest. (Photo: HRD Sawit Sumbermas Sarana)
Jakarta - PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk (SSMS) carries out sustainable business practices and maintains environmental conditions. These efforts are reflected in the various sustainability standards and certifications that have been attained by the Company, both locally and internationally, including ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, Environmental Management Performance Assessment (Proper), Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Committing to certify business units, our role is not only to fulfill regulatory compliance, but also as a form of determination and sincerity, to realize good governance and minimize any negative impact on the environment, such as no deforestation, no new planting on peatlands, no burning and also implementing NDPE policies (No Peat, Deforestation and Exploitation) towards the implementation of sustainable palm oil practices. To ensure sustainable business, SSMS strives to manage and protect areas with High Conservation Value (HCV), forest and peat in the operational area. As for peat areas, SSMS collaborates with external consultants to identify the distribution of peat areas, the level of maturity and depth of peat, and also to recommend monitoring the management of areas categorized as peat areas according to government regulations. In order to reduce carbon emissions that have an impact on global warming, SSMS encourages the implementation of environmentally friendly operations, such as the use of renewable energy sources through the use of fiber and palm shells as an alternative to alternative electric power source. In another initiative, since 2018, SSMS has operated a Biogas plant with a capacity of 1.5 Mega Watts of electricity which can capture methane gas from palm oil mill effluent and turn it into a renewable energy source. In future, SSMS plans to build three more biogas plants and will operate one biogas plant at PT Kalimantan Sawit Abadi this year. SSMS also ensures that waste management is carried out in a responsible manner according to the Indonesian Government's licensing regulations. All waste from factory management is 100% reused, such as the utilization of liquid waste (POME) and jangkos (palm oil waste) to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers (pesticides). By utilizing palm oil waste as an alternative energy source, SSMS can gradually achieve climate change management and energy independence. Not only for internal energy needs, but also to help the electricity needs of the communities in the villages around the company. To prevent or minimize the risk and impact of fires, SSMS actively monitors hotspots, implements early warning and early detection systems, and provides fire simulation training for operational employees. SSMS also involves the surrounding community by forming a Fire Concerned Farmers Group (KTPA) and a Fire Concerned Community (MPA). Currently there are 8 MPAs and 1 KTPA with 135 members. The Company regularly provides training and simulation training, as well as provides PPE and fire extinguishers. In 2023, SSMS has a big commitment to efforts preserving the environment, together with 5 Forest Farmers Groups (KTH) in Central Kalimantan establishing partnerships in the field of community forest care. Through this partnership, SSMS contributes to conserving areas with high conservation value and the biodiversity, given the potential for high threats of destruction due to forest fires, encroachment and illegal logging. Meanwhile, our synergy with environmental and conservation NGOs, the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) has succeeded in releasing 49 individual Salat Island Orangutans to the National Park. We realize the importance of an environment with biodiversity must be maintained properly. It is an important aspect of the Company's Sustainability Policy. SSMS, through these sustainability commitments and initiatives, ensures consistent sustainability policies that can be implemented internally and these policies are implemented by FFB suppliers for SSMS. For these reasons, SSMS helps and supervises the FFB suppliers as the part of FFB supply chain and traceability. SSMS is optimist that the long-term sustainability of the palm oil business will be guaranteed and seeks to make the Company a green industry with sustainable business processes that pays attention to the environmental and social aspects, not just the economic aspects. Sawit Sumbermas Sarana PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk is a palm oil company based in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. SSMS aims to become a world-class plantation company whose mission is to realize the potential of palm oil. Our motivation is the belief that palm oil is the answer to the growing demand for vegetable oil in the future, a driving force for national development, and a real beneficiary for society and the environment. SSMS manages all plantations and mills in accordance with industry best practices and sustainable palm oil standards.

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