BEI: PLN Issuing to Publish KIK EBA

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Friday, September 01 2017 - 19:00 IWST

residen Jokowi, Ketua OJK, Menteri BUMN, Dirut BEI Tito Sulistio dan Gub DKI Djarot
residen Jokowi, Ketua OJK, Menteri BUMN, Dirut BEI Tito Sulistio dan Gub DKI Djarot - Jakarta - Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) said that PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) plans to issue asset securitization products under the Asset Backed Securities Collective Investment Contract (KIK-EBA).

"After Jasa Marga listed KIK EBA Mandiri JSMR01 on IDX, its plan in mid September PLN will also record its asset securitization product," said Tito Sulistio President Director of BEI in Jakarta, Thursday (8/31/2017)

He said that with the increasing number of KIK EBA products in the country will open up the potential for increasing the welfare of Indonesian society in the future.

"Basically, KIK EBA recycles the asset, it also offers attractive dividends, and the retail can also buy so that this product really can support people's finances," he said.

In addition, he added, there are also private corporations who expressed interest in securitizing assets through the scheme of KIK EBA. One of the companies engaged in the property sector.

"Some will want to securitize their property assets, which is revenue from the rent," he said.

On this day (Thursday, 31/8), the Collective Investment Contract of Asset Backed Securities (KIK-EBA) is named KIK EBA Mandiri JSMR01-Jakarta Toll-Voted Revenue Letter Jakarta-Ciawi (Jagorawi) is officially listed on the IDX and inaugurated by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo .

KIK EBA is a collective investment contract investment unit whose portfolio consists of financial assets in the form of bills such as commercial paper, lease, and conditional sale agreement, installment loan agreement, and credit card bill, credit extension including mortgage or apartment. (Ant)

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