Jababeka Pursues Vision Building 100 New Cities Creating 100 Million Jobs

By : Nandi Nanti, Aldo Bella Putra | Wednesday, July 19 2017 - 11:23 IWST

BOD and BOC of PT Jababeka Tbk
BOD and BOC of PT Jababeka Tbk

INDUSTRY.co.id - Successful development of Jababeka City as an independent new city, capable of triggering local economic movement. This success will continue with the vision and mission to build 100 new cities in Indonesia.

More than two decades ago, Cikarang area, Bekasi Regency is more known as a brick-producing area. Dozens of excavation pits for brick raw materials, as well as production hovels and kilns become a common sight if we pass through Cikarang area, especially if traveling by train from East Java.

Now no longer the raw material brick found, but an industrial estate plus a dwelling that continues to drive the economy of the region and surrounding areas. Changes in areas with low economic value to the region's regional economic drivers, may be said is the work of PT Jababeka Tbk.

Since its establishment in 1989, PT Jababeka Tbk has continued to build its reputation as a leading and trusted industry developer. As a result, Jababeka succeeded in becoming the largest industrial park developer in Southeast Asia, owning Jababeka City in Cikarang, West Java which covers 5,600 ha, and has become a fully integrated township. Brand Jababeka is now a guarantee for the investors to invest.

It is SD Darmono who is very role and has great service giving birth to bring up Jababeka become like now. Chairman and Founder Jababeka is now pursuing the vision of developing 100 new cities across Indonesia.

According to Darmono, to realize that vision, partnership becomes very important, become Key Factor for the success of development of a city. Because the development of the region is a very difficult thing because it is long-term, full of risk and capital intensive.

28 years ago Jababeka business form is a business Gotong Royong or Arisan. Starting from 21 shareholders and it is until now still so especially as a public company, its shareholders tens of thousands of people, he told INDUSTRY.co.id in Jakarta some time ago.

We are experienced and have good credibility, we are needed by the people and supported by the government, we will build 100 independent cities throughout Indonesia. If in Cikarang grows 1 million jobs then 100 new independent cities will generate 100 million jobs, he added.

In order to help the government create an industrial area in the area, it is also programming the construction of 10 thousand Rusunawi scattered in Cikarang, Kendal, Tanjung Lesung, Morotai and new areas that continue to be developed in cooperation with Local Government.

Meanwhile, found in a separate place, President Director of PT Jababeka Tbk Tedjo Budianto Liman said that the founders of the company do have a different vision in the development of property. Unlike the usual developers who choose to build a commercial project to attract the end users, or roll out projects in a region or area that already has a prospect. Jababeka chose instead to build industrial parks as a trigger to bring in the tenants and subsequent residential home consumers.

We create markets in our own way. When 28 years ago, we see the potential of the area to be an industrial area in Cikarang,. We began to develop industrial estates in the hope of creating jobs, and from the creation of jobs that will come people who will need shelter, without coercion, Budianto said.

So, now on 5,600 hectares (ha) land has been established Kota Jababeka, which is an independent industrial area, supported by a representative residential area for workers to the executive. The region has now filled about 1,650 tenant national and multinational companies from 30 countries, and employs over 700,000 workers and 4,300 expatriates. A number of large manufacturers have opened their operations in the new city of Jababeka in Cikarang, such as Loreal, ICI Paints, Mattel, Samsung, Unilever, United Tractors, Akzo Nobel and Nissin Mas.

Not only developing directly industrial-related projects such as power generation and water and waste management, Jababeka has also developed a number of supporting facilities such as leisure, hospitals, and educational centers such as President University.

According to Budianto, any project developed by the company in Kota Jababeka Cikarang is done based on the demand formed in the region. Call it the development of a number of units of home stay property, which use more similar like boarding or boarding. This one unit named New Beverly Hills which was launched in 2016 and then immediately sold out. Through the Beverly Hills unit, the company creates home products with 10 rooms or pavilions that look like rent houses. This product is very suitable with the employees who need temporary residence in Cikarang because it may already have a home in the place of origin. This is a market formed from Kota Jababeka, Budianto said.

To continue to meet the needs of the tenants and workers in the city of Jababeka, recently Jababeka Residence launched Monroe Tower, which unit stage 1 Monroe Tower has been completed and sold out even over-subscribed. Monroe Tower is built within the Movieland area, which is adjacent to Elvis Tower which was already successfully launched. Monroe Tower is also adjacent to the lifestyle center, Hollywood Junction.

In addition, it will also be built Plaza Indonesia Jababeka Cikarang which adds to the attraction of Jababeka City. Not long ago, Jababeka also signed a partnership with PT PP Property to build a mixed-use block in Jababeka Cikarang covering an area of ​​4.6 hectares. The mixed-use block will consist of 6 towers and a mall from Japan.

Not only in Cikarang, PT. Jababeka Tbk is also a project that is not less prestigious in the western tip of Java Island. Is a Tanjung Lesung resort managed by a subsidiary, PT Banten West Java Tourism Development, which has been designated as Special Economic Zone of Tourism through Presidential Regulation No.26 / 2012 on Tourism KEK Tanjung Lesung. After inaugurated by the President of RI Joko Widodo on February 23, 2015, the first KEK in the field of tourism is expected to be a catalyst for economic development both at the national and regional levels. Tanjung Lesung area is suitable for the tourism area, unfortunately if used as a heavy industrial area there. Will lose the beauty of coral reefs and fauna that live in the area, said Budianto.

Located about 170 km southwest of Jakarta, Tanjung Lesung is set to become a first class international resort combining Balinese nuances with Venetian and features waterways and canals connecting hotels, condominiums and apartments with white sandy beaches.

Following the successful success of being repeated in Cikarang, PT Jababeka Tbk also expands to other cities that are considered to have the potential to be developed as a new city, plus to participate in mobilizing the regional economy. This time it was Kendal town in Central Java.

In Kendal, the company is working with Sembcorp Development Ltd of Singapore to develop the Kendal Industrial Area, covering an area of ​​2,700 ha, which is designed to be an industrial estate covering industrial and residential and commercial areas. Budianto delivered, for the first phase of cooperation with Sembawang Corp. will manage an area of ​​860 ha.

Given the potential of Kendal Industrial Zone as a driver of regional economic development, the President was pleased to inaugurate the opening of this area on 14 November 2016, together with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The integrated industrial development of Kendal (KIK) is targeted to absorb the total investment potential of up to Rp200 trillion and the workforce of 500,000 people. Where the investment value of KIK development in the first phase is estimated to reach Rp 7 trillion with a total land area of ​​860 hectares and will be targeted for completion in the next five years.

The construction of KIK is planned to have three stages with a total area of ​​2,700 hectares to become an integrated industrial area supported by the development of industrial zones, ports, "fashion city" and settlement. KIK is also encouraged as an export-oriented labor-intensive industrial area.

So far, according to INDUSTRY.co.id editorial note, there are already 20 investors who invest their capital in KIK with total investment value of Rp4.3 trillion and will absorb the workforce of 4,000 people. One of them is PT Tat Wai Industries from Singapore which has been operating in KIK since August 2016.

Last not but least the company also has a footprint in Morotai. There, Jababeka continues its vision of creating 100 new cities, by building industrial parks based on marine tourism industry, fishing industry, agribusiness, and logistics.

From the development of this Morotai, this area is expected later could serve as a hub for eastern Indonesia. So that goods that enter the East that came from Taiwan, China and the Philippines can be placed in Morotai without having to be brought first to the island of Java.

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