PNJ CBD Campus Create Skilled Students in IT Field

By : Ahmad Fadli And Aldo Bella Putra | Thursday, October 05 2017 - 20:00 IWST

PNJ CBD Campus Sinergi Dunia Usaha dan Industri Terhadap Pengembangan Kualitas Perguruan Tinggi
PNJ CBD Campus Sinergi Dunia Usaha dan Industri Terhadap Pengembangan Kualitas Perguruan Tinggi - Jakarta - For those of you who graduated from high school and or are looking for a college that can distribute work placement after graduating college, now has been present PT Citra Berkat Digjaya Indonesia or known as the State Polytechnic Jakarta -CBD Campus or abbreviated PNJ CBD Campus which is engaged in education, training and career placement for corporate IT talent.

"CBD Campus is a form of synergy between business and industry towards the development of university quality in Indonesia," said President Director of CBD Indonesia, Noni Amini in the inauguration of PNJ CBD Campus at Bellagio Mall, Jakarta, Thursday (5/10/2017).

She is working with the State Polytechnic of Jakarta, where the student will get a state certificate issued by the PNJ, in addition to studying at CBD Campus will obtain NIIT international certificate from India NIIT, and get guidance on work placement with AAMC.

 "Lectures at PNJ CBD Campus will get a curriculum according to the world of work of professional teachers and experienced in their field. Students will be looked for company or industry for training. And pass can make mobile startup application." she concluded.

Meanwhile, the Director of Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, Abdillah SE, M.Si said this is a good step to meet the high needs of skilled and skilled professionals based on professionalism (competence), especially in the field of information technology, especially software engineering.

"Later in every curriculum there is input from the industry, so what our company needs will accelerate to the needs of the business world. We open a Bachelor of Applied and Applied Master’s Degree majoring in Broadband and Multimedia, "said Abdillah

He explained many students who want to study in the PNJ but the class is not accommodating, at least from 500 registrants only 25 people received. So the presence of PNJ CBD Campus is an option for those who want to study by maximizing talent, knowledge and skills.

Going forward, CBD Campus is also open to collaborate and collaborate with other partners to innovate and contribute primarily to education and training and human resource development.

"Competence certification is now a must in entering the industrial world. Therefore, we are proving a special certification for the industry they want." he said.

PNJ CBD Campus also provides a startup incubator in creating entrepreneurship. Students who have the potential entrepreneur will be given guidance and capital assistance from entrepreneurs for 6 months.

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