Aceh Provincial Government Targets 20,000 Tourists in Sail Sabang

By : Chodijah Febriyani And Aldi Firhand A | Saturday, November 25 2017 - 22:09 IWST

25 Yachts Participants Sail to Natuna 2017, Bring 150 Wisman Pameri Bahari Natuna-Anambas
25 Yachts Participants Sail to Natuna 2017, Bring 150 Wisman Pameri Bahari Natuna-Anambas - Banda Aceh - Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Aceh targeting the number of tourists who will attend in Sabang Sail event in Sabang City as many as 20 thousand people.

"We are targeting guests who will attend to Sabang for eight days will reach 20 thousand people and three thousand of them are foreign tourists," said Head of disbudpar Aceh Reza Fahlevi in ​​Banda Aceh, Saturday (25/11/2017)

He explained that in the implementation of Sail Sabang 28 November to 5 December 2017, many domestic and foreign guests will travel to Sabang to enjoy various activities organized in Sail Sabang.

It also said there will be 125 ships that will enliven Sabang Sail which consists of 100 yacht, 3 tallship (KRI Bima Suci, KRI Dewa Ruci and MV.Lili Marleen) and Baruna Jaya Research Ship and other KRI.

He said it continues to finalize all the preparations in the successful implementation of Sail Sabang which will take place in Sabang 28 November to 5 December.

"We continue to coordinate with all relevant agencies and prepare transportation facilities both land, sea and air to succeed this international stage," said Reza, as quoted by Antara.

He explained that the land transportation will be provided by 29 buses from the Ministry of Transportation for the shuttle bus facility in Sabang plus the bus from Sabang City Government.

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