Support UMKM, Bank DKI Add 5 Service Office in Market and 1 Pusdiklat PKP

By : Candra Mata And Aldo Bella Putra | Tuesday, November 28 2017 - 20:00 IWST

Direktur Bisnis Bank DKI, Antonius Widodo Mulyono (Paling Kanan) didampingi Pemimpin Bank DKI Cabang Matraman, Athos Yun Indra (paling kiri) usai menyaksikan nasabah menandatangani perjanjian kredit pada peresmian Kantor Layanan Bank DKI di Pasar Pra
Direktur Bisnis Bank DKI, Antonius Widodo Mulyono (Paling Kanan) didampingi Pemimpin Bank DKI Cabang Matraman, Athos Yun Indra (paling kiri) usai menyaksikan nasabah menandatangani perjanjian kredit pada peresmian Kantor Layanan Bank DKI di Pasar Pra - Jakarta, To increase services to the sector of SMEs, Bank DKI opened 5 (five) service offices located in PD Pasar Jaya market, which are in Pramuka Market, Pal Meriam Market, Pulo Gadung Market, Cijantung Market, Ciplak Market.

The opening ceremony of the opening of the service office was centered in Pramuka Market which was inaugurated by Director of Business of Bank DKI, Antonius Widodo Mulyono in Jakarta, (28/11) which was also attended by the Board of Directors of PD. Pasar Jaya, Branch of Jamkrida and Askrida.

On the same day, Bank DKI also opened a cash office office office at Ciracas Pusdiklat PKP (Fire and Rescue Response), East Jakarta.

Business Director of Bank DKI, Antonius Widodo, said that the presence of Bank DKI in Pasar-Pasar managed by PD Pasar Jaya is an effort of Bank DKI to continuously improve banking services especially to provide micro and retail financing to market traders, managed by PD Pasar Jaya as well as other markets.

"Bank DKI will be closer to market traders," he said.

Antonius Widodo further said that the opening of offices in markets managed by PD Pasar Jaya is one of the embodiments of Bank DKI's mission in becoming the preferred transaction bank of UMKM by facilitating the traders and visitors of PD markets. Pasar Jaya to be able to conduct payment transactions either through ATM Bank DKI, or through means of electronic money based application that is JakOne Mobile.

With the opening of 5 (five) service offices in the market, up to November 28, 2017, the total number of Bank DKI service offices in the market are 62 (sixty two) offices, consisting of 36 (thirty six) service offices in in PD Pasar Jaya market, 17 (seventeen) service offices around the market and 9 (Nine) service offices outside Jabodetabek area. The total service office of Bank DKI as a whole becomes 243 (two hundred and forty three) service offices.

Bank DKI will hold UMKM actors to become customers as well as JakOne Mobile merchant.

"With scanning to pay technology in JakOne Mobile applications, customers only need to use their smartphones to make payments and automatically log into merchant accounts," said Antonius Widodo. It is hoped that this non-cash transaction model will also be able to be performed and upgraded for merchant transactions in the market.

As for the opening of the existing service office in PKP Ciracas, East Jakarta, Antonius Widodo explained that PKP Pusdiklat is an office within the Jakarta Fire Department, which the majority of its employees are customers of Bank DKI, so it is expected to improve the Bank DKI business as a whole.

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