Prita Kemal Gani: A Mother Can Run All The Role That Is In Her Life

By : Kormen Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Saturday, December 23 2017 - 15:00 IWST

Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR Selaku Pendiri dan Direktur LSPR-Jakarta (Foto Kormen)
Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR Selaku Pendiri dan Direktur LSPR-Jakarta (Foto Kormen) - Jakarta - A mother has an important role in character development, mental and character of a child. The home is the first environment the child interacts with the mother as the nearest person and guides her.

In its development, the child tends to duplicate what is seen also felt around him. An educated mother with good manners surely can educate her child well.

Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR as Founder and Director of LSPR-Jakarta, who attended as a speaker to commemorate Mother's Day, Woman of Top with Prita Kemal Gani Special theme "Empowering Woman Through Leadership" at Graha Hospital Pertamina Center, South Jakarta, on Friday (22/12/2017).

The event was held on the collaboration of London School of Public Relations-Jakarta and MRA Broadcast Media Division and in cooperation with Pertamina Central Hospital.

Prita, who collected a wealth of awards from within and outside the country, said she had read an article in online media quoting an Indonesian social observer named Asti Kleinsteuber's mother last year, saying there are at least 18 values ​​that need to be the foundation of a child's Indonesian mental educator.

They include values ​​of honesty, love, openness, respect, responsibility, confidence, diversity, tolerance, peace, friendliness, consistency, self-esteem, discipline, concern, violence, care, culture and technology.

"Again, the variety of roles of the mother as a solid wife and partner of her husband or her role as the glue between the two families with the harmony will surely stick to the child's warning and be a role model for his future life," she added, "said the figure who formed the PR Asia.

In a special edition talkshow commemorating the National Mother's Day, Woman on Top Special with Prita Kemal Gani Special presents two female specialists who have scaled the name of the Indonesian nation with all its experiences, namely Dr. dr. Christiana Linda Wahjuni, SpOT, M.Kes, FICS, CCD who is a Special Doctor of Orthopedics, and dr. Endah Ronawulan, Sp. KJ who is a Mental Medicine Specialist. And this event will be directly guided by Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR (Founder & Director of LSPR-Jakarta) and Fika Rosemary (Program Director of Radio Brava).

Woman on Top Special participants who attended not only listened to the success story Dr. Linda as a doctor of Orthopedic Specialists and Dr. Endah as Psychiatric Specialist, but also can interact directly with the resource person. The track record of both speakers is very broad and proud, just as Dr. Linda is the recipient of the award from MURI as the First Doctor of Women in Indonesia Orthopedic & Traumatology Specialist. Meanwhile, Dr. Endah, who was part of the Psychiatric Team who helped the recovery of Aceh tsunami victims from the Ministry of Health and WHO in 2005, and also actively write articles or conduct research related to mental health.

Talkshow is increasingly enlivened by the appearance of doctors Pertamina Central Hospital in the fashion show segment with a bandage of Alleira Batik, bags from Coreta Indonesia and hijab from Renka Project. No less interesting, throughout the event there will be some door prize given to the lucky winner.

A glimpse of Woman on Top Special with Prita Kemal Gani

This talk show is supported by the Indonesian Hospital Association of Marketing & Public Relations Compartment, Pertamina Central Hospital, Alleira Batik, Coreta Indonesia, Renka Project, Wall Street English, Le Minerale, Wardah, Flower Advisor, Bear Brand and WRP Coco Splash.

LSPR - Jakarta in cooperation with Brava Radio presents Woman on Top with Prita Kemal Gani talk show. Brava Radio is a business-oriented and entertainment radio. Brava Radio is also incorporated in the MRA Broadcast Media Division, a group of radio media that houses Hardrock FM, i-Radio, Cosmopolitan FM and Trax FM. Our target audience is Business People, Decision Maker and Professional who are aged 35 years and over, with socio-economic status A, A +, A + +.

Woman on Top with Prita Kemal Gani is a talk show program in morning prime time, in Good Day Jakarta program, which is broadcasted every Thursday of the last week of every month, at 8-10 am and guided by Prita Kemal Gani (Founder & Director LSPR - Jakarta ) and Ferdy Hasan. In this talk show, we will raise the profile of a female leader from various fields to share experiences and inspirational stories from her leadership to Brava listeners. The program also has a theme: Empowering Women through Leadership.

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