Build Factory in Tanah Kuning Industrial Estate, PT Inalum Wait for Certainty on Electricity Supply

By : Ridwan And Aldi Firhand. A | Sunday, February 25 2018 - 19:11 IWST

Director General of ILMATE Kemenperin Harjanto with PT Inalum Budi Gunadi Sadikin (Photo: Humas)
Director General of ILMATE Kemenperin Harjanto with PT Inalum Budi Gunadi Sadikin (Photo: Humas) - Jakarta, PT Inalum is still waiting for the certainty of electricity supply related to the plan to build aluminum factory in Tanah Kuning Industrial Estate, North Kalimantan.

This was conveyed by the Director General of Metals, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Harjanto during a working visit to Inalum, located in Kuala Tanjung, Sei Suka Sub-district, Batu Bara District, Medan, North Sumatra, some time ago.

"This industry needs considerable energy, so it needs a competitive price as well," said Harjanto.

Meanwhile, the electricity supply for the Tanah Kuning Industrial Estate, Kaltara, is planned to be channeled by the Kayan River Power Plant (PLTA) to be built.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Inalum Budi Gunadi Sadikin said Inalum produces about 250,000-260,000 tons of aluminum by 2017. Inalum plans to increase production to 500,000 tons by 2021. "Our increase in 2017 is more than 25 percent compared to 2016," he said. .

In long term, Inalum targets aluminum production to reach two million tons per year. This is supported by the Smelting Plan plant in Kuala Tanjung and the factory in North Kalimantan. The plant in North Kalimantan is targeted to be built by 2020.

In Inalum's business plan, North Kalimantan will produce aluminum of one million ton per year.

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